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Lounge Lizard is a website design firm that combines cutting-edge digital marketing services with digital marketing strategy and other creative design services. Lounge Lizard has offices in New York, Long Island, and Los Angeles. The underlying compass for much of the creative work that Lounge Lizard churns out is dictated by branding: In the words of Lounge Lizard's media team, a branding identity should pervade "all that you do." The folks at Lounge Lizard take the position that branding is one of the most critical cornerstones for an evolving business to do well. After a company has agreed on a branding identity and digital marketing direction Lounge Lizards designers focus on putting out both UX and UI designs so that competent backend designs aren't limited by poor aesthetics. More broadly, Lounge Lizard focuses a lot of its energy on responsive website designs and digital marketing services (e.g., SEO) for visibility.