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FatBit is a software development company that has established itself as a leader in the digital transformation of ideas. Established in 2004 and now headquartered in Mohali, the company is known for its expert professionals, who create result-driven and customer-centric solutions, utilising their knowledge from years of industry experience. FatBit boasts an expansive range of services and products, all designed to boost the success of their clients. Their service lines include eCommerce development, custom software development, mobile app development, web development, SEO and social media marketing. Their clients range from startups and small businesses to midmarket and large enterprises, as well as from various industries including advertising & marketing, eCommerce, education, hospitality & leisure, information technology and retail. Their software projects are built upon a mixture of development frameworks and CMS, including Laravel, NodeJS, AngularJS, WordPress and Symfony, as well as programming & scripting languages such as PHP, SQL, JavaScript and more. Their main product is the unique and comprehensive Yo!Kart Platform, a customizable e-commerce marketplace solution. The work that FatBit do upends potential obstacles to success, and they are proud of the result-driven outcomes they are able to achieve. They are featured in prominent publications such as The Telegraph, Inc., Entrepreneur and HuffPost; they are driven by mutual trust, forward thinking and practical approaches; and they empower their clients to add a competitive edge to their venture in cost-effective and timely fashion. FatBit continues to drive transformation way beyond 2004.