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The Isadora Agency is an award-winning enterprise web design and development company. The digital agency company is powered by innovation and focuses on enhancing web interactions in ways that help businesses to establish a direct link with web users. The Isadora Agency has become a leader in the development of enterprise solutions by creating tailor-made and personalized corporate solutions which incorporate an entirely new perspective in digital marketing. Among the company’s core perspectives in web design and development include the use of web animation and graphics design to help client businesses brand themselves uniquely across the market. The Isadora Agency's web maintenance solutions are focused on ensuring that websites continually improve their functionality within the digital ecosystem. Web maintenance, as undertaken by the company, incorporates additional functionalities such as the use of evolving human behavior when it comes to digital platforms. The company, therefore, utilizes web analytics including user flow analysis to help in the creation of responsive web designs that are targeted at minimizing bounce rates in websites.