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Having an office in Hyderabad, India, Dotcomweavers is a web design firm that fully understands the global scale of commerce in a traditional and modern sense. In today's digital age, it's quite clear that merchants can easily sell items online to customers all over the world. Dotcomweavers helps store owners in India and Asia to promote and ship out merchandise worldwide. Additionally, this company boasts an office in Paramus, NJ, a major commercial center in the New York metropolitan area. Therefore, many local businesses benefit from using this agency's services for eCommerce development. Magento hosting is a tool that is praised by the experts at Dotcomweavers. This is a type of content management system that can be customized for various retail niches. Products are loaded into virtual catalogs that may be adjusted with features such as listing price and more. Shopping carts and payment processing solutions are also handled by this firm.