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The Old State is a digital innovation company founded in the year 2007. Headquartered in the city of Dallas, they primarily provide services related to website designing, development, optimization and branding. Additionally, they also offer custom software development and mobile app development services. The Old State focuses on serving the small business, midmarket and enterprise sectors, as well as the business services, hospitality and leisure, energy and natural resources and eCommerce industries. They also specialize in different application platforms, branding and programming and scripting. Clients of The Old State includes big names such as ConocoPhillips Energy, American Airlines and Dr. Pepper/7up. The Old State's core emphasis is on creating cohesive websites, beautiful branding and print collateral, powerful applications and web-based products. They believe that turning the clutter into clarity, problems into solutions and ideas into reality is their forte. By providing solutions to individuals and companies, The Old State helps them deliver better results on all digital fronts, communicate their brand better and take the business to higher heights. Through their combined services, the team at The Old State provides end-to-end solutions to help businesses reach their full potential. They strive to combine innovation and responsibility while delivering quality solutions to clients.