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EIGHT25MEDIAhas already built more than 500 websites that generate incredible results. For that reason alone, the firm has earned recognition as the best custom web design firm. The company has created its success by assembling one of the best teams of creative, technical and design professionals. Additionally, the firm has a team of business professionals who work with business owners and managers to develop strategies that achieve well-defined goals. In other words, EIGHT25MEDIA gets different results than other agencies by taking a different approach to the digital marketplace. In addition to developing award-winning websites, EIGHT25MEDIA has development teams who create world-class web-based and mobile applications. Additionally, the firm has developed credentials in social media marketing and has repeatedly earned recognition for delivering client growth via popular social networks. When combined with their PPC management and SEO services, EIGHT25MEDIA is able to create multi-tiered digital strategies that get fantastic results.