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While there are many cookie cutter Web templates on the market, these sites will do little to enhance your website's search engine ranking. By selecting a firm to build your site from scratch, you will enhance your site's visibility, making it more likely that you will be found online. Your site's layout will make all of the difference in how the search engines will "see" your page. If the search engine can easily see your site, it will be more likely to offer it up as the best result for your searcher. Freebie websites and site builders use sample templates that they market to many customers. This means that there may be hundreds of thousands of websites on the market that look exactly like yours. While this is a cheap alternative, it also means that the search engine "spiders" are less likely to recommend your site to the searchers. The search engine spiders will see a "freebie" template as less credible than a custom built site. When it comes to getting the best custom designed website, Isadora Design comes out on top. With a team of expert designers who are skilled in Internet marketing, branding and graphic design, you will get a custom website that drives results.