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Cadre has recently been recognized as one of the best firms for custom websites. They are a premiere web design firm that specializes in custom work and customer support. They have a history of excellent service in keeping with deadlines and delivering or over-delivering on a regular basis. Cadre is a talent-driven firm. They welcome new designers in solely on the merit of their abilities. This allows them great agility as web standards and client requirements change. They demonstrate that it's much easier to keep current with a tight group of well-honed designers who know their trade from working in it. Cadre works in design, development and marketing. This makes them an effective first-and-last stop for clients that need a full solution for their projects. They proudly state that their development solutions "start with the problem." They focus on appropriately-scaled solutions that get out of the way once they've done their jobs. They are also focused on accessible solutions. They make the claim that any solution they develop that requires a manual or a training process is too complicated to be used and will be scrapped. It's a unique take that sets them apart from other custom-design and development firms on the web.