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Kohactive is a Chicago based web design firm founded in 2008. In their half decade of existence, they have managed to distinguish themselves through their creativity, dependability, and their wide range of available services. In fact, their stable of operational technologies / tools and the creations they can crank out with them is really something to see. The best way, of course, is to work with them on a project of your own, but here's a list of some of what they make and the tools they use to make it. TOOLS + TECH - CMS - Objective C - Ruby on Rails - PHP - HTML5 & CSS3 - Javascript and its derivatives (JQuery, Backbone, and so on) - APIs - JSON, XML, AJAX, and more! FINISHED / END PRODUCTS (AKA "DELIVERABLES") E-Commerce Sites / Digital Stores - Microsites - UI (User Interface) Design - iOS Development (Mobile Apps) - Traditional Web-Based Application Development - Web Design / Development - Content Management Systems Kohactive is a young, fun, vibrant company, and that's reflected in their staff and company culture. Legend has it that their creative director was a stuntman in a past life, and it's a fact that most of the development team is fueled by cupcakes and coffee. Lighthearted work environment aside, when it comes to their work, the Kohactive team are all business. Best known for their custom websites, clients have ranged from small one-off contracts to work with Groupon and the Illinois Tourism Department. Check them out today!