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Anyone who browses the web regularly knows that design sensibilities are changing considerably. The days of downloading a template and inserting some text and images are over, and a website that grab the attention of its viewers needs custom coding. Forix Web Design, which is located in Portland, Oregon, specializes in customized web development. Thanks to new technology, your website can be as creative and expressive as you'd like, but it takes specialized skills to bring your vision to life. With their experienced web development experts, no plans are too ambitious. However, effective custom web development cannot be confined to targeting desktops and laptops. Increasingly, users are accessing websites from smartphones and tablets, and these devices present unique challenges many developers are unable to meet. By focusing on responsive design paradigms, Forix Web Design knows how to make a website that will look great on devices of all sizes. A great website can't be effective unless others see it, so Forix Web Design offers online marketing services that can help drive traffic. They can also help you set up an online store that will attract buyers and increase your online sales rate. Contact them to find out how they can help you.