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Ruckus Marketing is a digital development and media advertising agency that specializes in the development of innovative brands and concepts for existing businesses and new startups. This agency offers unique services to web developers that include positioning, brand DNA, messaging, logo marking, brand development, platform initiation, mobile application and website development, eCommerce platforms, UX/UI Design, corporate presence building, marketing strategy, media platform development, experiential customer base testing, digital development, SEO and SEM integration, and lead generation services. In its 10 years of service, Ruckus Marketing has helped to develop several innovative advertising campaigns including the ad platforms of Altec Lansing, American Exchange, America Works, Desilva Phillips, Empactful Enterprises, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Four Mine Greeting Cards, House of Horology, Mrs. Pinkel Meyer and Moopus, and Owl Computing Technologies, Inc. The firm also launched the popular brand marketing campaign for Hornblower, a new New York City ferry boat and yacht service.