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Chicago-based web design company ColorJar has been a reputable name in the digital design field for consultation and web design for ten years. Their firm is known for producing eye-catching content since the year of 2008. They've worked with world-renowned brands such as Funny or Die, Air Bud, and Technori. Colorjar has been a recipient of the Chicago Innovation Award for their impeccable web design and reliable design advisory skills. ColorJar doesn't take on just any company that needs a webmaster to manage their online presence. Companies go through a vetting process before the firm officially decides that they will enter into a professional partnership with the brand. This alone illustrates how serious they are about their work, and how trusted they are when it comes to taking on every task with a high amount of dedication and precision. Such dedication and precision in fact, that the United Nation recognized ColorJar as being run by one of the top entrepreneurs during their 2014 award ceremony. For professional design quality that you can wholeheartedly trust, ColorJar is the perfect option.