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ÄKTA is the 21st century's top marketing force, especially when you consider the advanced advantages of their post-modern Web design practices. They constantly strive to derive new opportunities in today's virtual environments, and their innovative thought processes have unearthed some transformative changes within the industry of cyber aesthetics. This savvy team is truly a technological godsend; plus, they are permanently changing the programming game for future designers and developers. You can find these experts in Chicago and Austin! Here's the secret behind their enormous success and stature: This is the only consultancy out there that incorporates Experience Oriented Architecture (XOA). In fact, the cutting-edge methodology has been trademarked to prevent copycats. As a result, ÄKTA is the sole place on the Internet that offers this intricately layered approach to branding. Their techniques also incorporate simultaneous application launches, so your company will attract attention from all corners of the gadgetry world.