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Alter Imaging was first opened in 2001, so they have a ton of experience in the field of web design. In total, their staff has a combined 85 years of experience, and they have used that experience to craft some amazing websites during their tenure. They are also exceptionally talented at internet marketing and app development, so they aren't just a one-trick pony. They offer world-class software solutions for each of their clients, and they have more than 300 with whom they work every day. One of the greatest things about Alter Imaging is that they have no debt, which means they have no hidden agenda that is being pushed by investors behind the scenes. That translates to complete focus on the client, and that has helped them build a solid plan for executing and developing the most comprehensive platform for each client. They are based out of Charlotte, NC, and they were one of the first agencies to start offering responsive web design services.