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Tanj is a naming agency that creates names and stories that ultimately have a big impact on your brand. Whether your brand is big or small, Tanj is a company that can help you develop the best name for your brand. Tanj specializes in a wide variety of services for their clients. These services include brand naming, brand stories, taglines, brand messaging, brand voice, and copywriting. This naming agency has worked with several well-known companies. A few of these companies include Nintendo, Nike, Wal-Mart, Nestle, Disney, and Redken. There are many reasons why Tanj differs from other companies of its kind. The staff at Tanj are specialists. They focus all of their energy on language and brand. Aside from this, they also realize that the cost of failing in branding is a lot. For this reason, they go above and beyond your expectations to ensure that they deliver great results.