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Branding is the name of the game at Tanj. The New York-based, Clutch Award winning company has more than 30 years of collective experience creating thousands of high-level brand strategies for corporations that include Nintendo, Disney, and Redken. Since 2011, the team of five has been responsible for some of the more memorable branding campaigns in the industry. As a boutique business, they believe in cutting through the clutter to get to the essence of who their clients are and what they stand for using the simplicity and elegance of words. The Best Naming Agency for 2017 started with their own name, which is a hybrid of the words "tangible", meaning to take an idea and make something real, and "tanjun" the Japanese word for simplify. The firm has more than 300 clients, and is responsible for naming such products as Wii, Coffee Mate Natural Bliss, and Hudson Woods.