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Specializing in building brand identity, awareness and loyalty, FINIEN is an award-winning and highly respected agency in its field. It is especially successful with its brand naming services, providing a variety of new enterprises and products with memorable and meaningful brand names. FINIEN clients represent many different industries and products, from food and wine to mobile apps and activewear. In developing brand names, FINIEN melds branding strategy and research with countless creative considerations. FINIEN named Martian Ranch and Vineyard wines, for example, to spotlight the company's out-of-this-world qualities. These wine names include Down to Earth, Ground Control and Mothership. For its accessory gift-box client, FINIEN played on the "fashionista" idea, naming the service Adorista. FINIEN's brand naming services also include important tasks such as trademark clearance and ensuring domain name availability and international ownership capability. FINIEN founder Fabian Geyrhalter authored the No. 1 Amazon bestseller, "How to Launch a Brand."