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Founded in 2008, i-Verve is a leading web, mobile, and cloud application development company based in Old Bridge, NJ. For over 11 years, the business consultants at i-Verve have provided custom products and solutions that are scalable, creative, and user-focused, to small and large-sized enterprises across the globe. Their success earned them the prestigious ranking of 112410 in handheld device and wearable design and development in 2020. The talented and innovative team at i-Verve offers a variety of services such as mobile app and web development, website and brand design, search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing. The company offers an extensive list of service lines, client focuses, industry focuses, application platforms, frameworks, and CMSs. They also offer IT managed services, mobile platforms, programming and scripting, SEO focuses, and even wearables focuses, to ensure that clients get the best products and services tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's strengthening a business's digital presence to extend its reach or creating an entirely new web or mobile application, the dedicated experts at i-Verve have the right combination of technical and creative resources to help their clients succeed. With their goal of delivering the best user experience in mind, and a commitment to providing quality, cost-effective services, they deliver efficient, reliable, and high-quality products and services each time.