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SFCD is an iPhone app design firm with locations in NYC and San Francisco. The firm provides strategy, UI/UX design and development for start-ups and leading brands. Their online portfolio includes their work for such companies and organizations as Princeton University, Tipster, Yota, SmackHigh, Fontspiration, ADP, and Samsung, among many others. SFCD focuses their talents on supercharging startups, developing product strategy and building brand identity through animated, highly visual apps. Testimonials commend SFCD for fast iterations, on-demand communication and superb strategy. They have created iPad apps for major brands and have created style guides and an overarching design framework for apps. They have partnered with diverse agencies to build creative and innovative apps, as well as building their own award-winning applications. SFCD's team developed Android apps for Sony's first underwater device. Their apps are seen by millions, from hip-hop mixtape apps to apps optimized to work underwater.