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Saritasa offers a unique combination of services, capabilities and expertise that have been crafted to meet the needs of the ever-changing technology industry. Founded in 2005, its headquarters are located in Newport Beach, and it currently has 50 employees. The firm specializes in providing custom software, AR/VR, web, and mobile app development for clients of all sizes – from SMBs to progressive corporations and enterprises. Regardless of market size, many of its specializations focus on business services, financial services, automotive, medical, and more. The firm also utilizes a variety of platforms and frameworks such as .NET, Django, AngularJS, Laravel, Amazon, and Azure Platform, as well as programming languages like Python, ASP.NET, and JavaScript. Saritasa is committed to making sure that each project is tailored to exceed a client’s expectations. It understands the complexity of each project and provides a dedicated team to assess the objectives, examine the functional requirements and provide reliable solutions. The firm stands out due to its exceptional customer service and experienced teams, providing a full cycle development process, quality control systems, and continuous communication to ensure that every product meets its standards. The firm works with an array of well-known clients, creating successful products and delivering on its promise of success.