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Posse is an Android app development firm catering to diverse clients, from entrepreneurial clients, to startups and major brands. Posse builds apps suited for each business' particular needs. Posse delivers products with an emphasis on lean development that remains flexible, while still speeding toward high-end results. Entrepreneurs can expect accelerated product development that meets their current needs. In addition, Posse delivers products for funded startups looking for quick development and excellent design. Growth companies looking for serious designers who design apps and manage mobile product strategy will find that Posse meets their specific needs as well. Even major brands who are fettered by IT constraints will benefit from Posse's services. Posse develops and deploys apps with fluid UX for major brands. Posse's lean development focuses on the end-product, not the process or journey. The team offers scalable, client-side and server-side development and looks for long-term solutions.