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EIGHT25MEDIA is the best app design firm in Silicon Valley. The firm is actually located in Fremont, California, and it was established in 2006. EIGHT25MEDIA specializes in app design, website design and marketing. The process involves working with several teams to create your mobile application. The UX team works with you to come up with an app that is just right for your business. A team of developers work hard to bring your vision to life, and the UI designers create an application that runs smoothly on all mobile devices. You can also hire the team to develop a web application for your business. The process includes developing a user interface design that is both attractive and interactive. A team of developers use coding and various platforms to bring your web app to life. EIGHT25MEDIA has designed mobile apps for clients such as Good Green, Hardwell, Zing and Heineken. You can get started on your mobile app by contacting the firm to request a free quote.