10 Best App Design Firms October 2015

Mobile App Development requires not only a keen eye for design but an expertise in multiple coding languages. Creating an app that works well on multiple devices is already a difficult task, let alone making the UI friendly for the end user. 10 Best Design reviews and looks for key elements when coming up with our list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Leading Android App AgenciesBlue Fountain Media

New York, New York

#1 of 10 Leading Mobile App Firms of 2015 - Blue Fountain Media crafts mobile applications for smartphones that run on Android and iOS. The app development is part of the mobile-friendly services that are offered by this New York-based company. The purpose of the apps is to let clients gain an edge in their respective niches by capturing local patrons. GPS-enabled applications are very useful for small businesses that primarily rely on walk-in traffic rather than online sales. At the same time, this company can help e-commerce websites get more online traffic with brilliant marketing campaigns that are launched via mobile apps with maps, reviews and other useful features for customers.

#2 of 10 Top App CompaniesBig Drop Inc

New York, New York

#2 of 10 Leading Android App Agencies of 2015 - Big Drop Inc is the type of Web design firm that always seeks new ways to improve its digital solutions including application development. This NYC-based company has talented programmers who develop mobile apps based on extensive market research and analytic insight on the future of smartphones and tablets. By studying past trends and making predictions on future mobile technology, the experts at Big Drop Inc can properly code applications that are designed to withstand the test of time in a dynamic World Wide Web. From HTML to Javascript, all of the latest codes and scripts are used to build mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

#3 of 10 Best Android App FirmsLounge Lizard

New York City, New York

#3 of 10 Best Android App Agencies of 2015 - The people at Lounge Lizard are known for making some cool apps. They have done great marketing and design work for a wide range of brands. Whether an app's goal is to gain signups, sales or engagement, Lounge Lizard can deliver! One of the great aspects of this firm is that its people are not one-trick ponies. They know app design, and they know great branding and other aspects of modern commercial communication that make them an excellent digital agency. Growing brands can look to Lounge Lizard for services and app design that set them apart from their would-be competition.

#4 of 10 Top Android App BusinessesHuemor Designs

Long Island, New York

#4 of 10 Leading Android App Companies of 2015 - Huemor Designs is an app design company that has a creative team of diverse professionals that know exactly what to do to improve their clients' platform or current sites. They carefully study a client's existing platform to find the flaws in it and create a plan to improve it and make it more valuable. The Huemor Designs' team of innovative thinkers will also help their clients design, revamp and enhance their sites and make them more successful.

#5 of 10 Leading Android App FirmsEIGHT25MEDIA

San Francisco, California

#5 of 10 Best iPhone App Companies of 2015 - With a proven track record of results from their excellent web design and web presence management systems, EIGHT25MEDIA offers clients a clean, modern look for their website and web apps. The company reaches out to the aesthetic sensibilities of current and future customers to draw them in while the client's products and services keep their attention - and with a typical increase of two hundred percent in sales after an EIGHT25MEDIA redesign, the company's marketing and design services speak for themselves.

#6 of 10 Top App CompaniesHudson Integrated

Saddle Brook, New Jersey

#6 of 10 Leading Android App Agencies of 2015 - Hudson Horizons designs mobile applications that reflect the dynamic nature of smartphones. This company closely studies the patterns and trends in the telecommunication industry in the New York metro area. The focus is on the types of data plans that are offered by different wireless service providers. Additionally, Hudson Horizons also pays attention to the specific smartphone models that are offered under contract terms or as pay-as-you-go plans. By understanding all of these parameters, this firm is able to launch apps that cater to both the Android and Apple markets. Some of the apps are available for premature downloads in Beta mode.

#7 of 10 Best Android App BusinessesInflexion Interactive

Hoboken, New Jersey

#7 of 10 Leading Android App Firms of 2015 - Inflexion Interactive works with clients to develop interactive, responsive web design. This award-winning digital marketing agency helps businesses compete. Their digital marketing services include research and analysis, mobile marketing, and web design and development. They leverage analytic and research to make sure each campaign is making an impact. Inflexion also makes sure businesses can meet the rise in mobile marketing. Every business needs an engaging, accessible website, too, another service that the company provides. For businesses that are ready to take their marketing to the next level, Inflexion is a great choice.

#8 of 10 Top Mobile App AgenciesForix Web Design

Portland, Oregon

#8 of 10 Best Mobile App Agencies of 2015 - Forix Web Design has earned a reputation as a leading IT company in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. This firm has also expanded its operations beyond just the Pacific Northwest region of North America. In fact, app development is offered to English-speaking clients all over the world. This company knows that the universal language of HTML is effective at supporting apps for users worldwide. The programmers at Forix Web Design publish mobile apps that have room for improvements in the future. Therefore, users can expect to have access to upgrades that are available on mobile markets such as Google Play.

#9 of 10 Best Mobile App BusinessesKonstant Infosolutions

NYC, New York

#9 of 10 Top App Agencies of 2015 - Konstant Infosolutions makes applications that can withstand the test of time on the dynamic World Wide Web. This Web design firm understands that the Internet evolves rapidly, and that mobile apps must be coded in such ways that updates can be easily done later on. Konstant Infosolutions lets its programmers take care of applying HTML and CSS to the back end of mobile applications. Then, marketing experts review the visual designs of the publications. Small details such as icons and text font are refined until the desirable visual effects are achieved in mobile apps for the Android and Apple marketplaces.

#10 of 10 Best Mobile App AgenciesDotlogics

Great Neck, New York

#10 of 10 Best Android App Companies of 2015 - Dotlogics provides hand-crafted web design solutions and internet marketing for eCommerce websites. They specialize in creating online payment gateways as well as intertwining interactive and dynamic databases. Not only do they accommodate eCommerce needs, they make mobile applications and site usability just as responsive to accommodate mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. If clients have an idea for a mobile app that is downloadable via their website, DotLogics turn that idea into a reality. Aspiring businesses have their brand well-known through relevant and target audiences as well as promotional videos.

Special Recognitions

#11 Top iPhone App AgencyCofa Media

San Diego, California

Cofa Media is an app design firm that creates experiences that are simple to use, attractive, and results-driven for companies. They are not the typical web development agency and they are focused on making things work for you and your business. While they are strong on branding and design, Cofa Media is really focused making results for your business. Design is made with the end user in mind, based on feedback and analytics data. Cofa Media is global, with offices around the world.

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