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Intechnic is a successful web design company in the United States. The company's headquarters office is located in Chicago, IL. So far, Intechnic has been in business for more than twenty years. The company has completed more then 1,500 projects throughout their years in business. More than 700,000,000 users have used Intechnic web services. The company prides themselves on providing their customers in high preforming services. Intechnic specializes in marketing, web design, new strategies, and many other services as well. Intechnic has worked with companies like Open Space, Clutch, American Diabetes Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many other companies as well. The company has many social media accounts. So far, the company has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn account. The company also invites their prospective clients to message them on their website. Overall, Intechnic is a great web design company that that will continue to provide their clients with success.