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Maxburst is a Web design company that believes in applying the latest Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP (LAMP) standards in order to launch domains in a prompt way. Headquartered in Long Island, NY, this firm employs master programmers who understand the ins and outs of Linux and Apache serves. Besides being skilled in Web hosting support, the workers at Maxburst also understand how to configure websites by using MySQL and PHP. Such technology is crucial for database management especially in enterprise websites that are owned by large corporations or organizations. There is much more to Maxburst than just rigorous programming on the back-end. This company actually has the creativity to make webpages appealing with rich content such as Macromedia Flash. Animations are inserted into webpages that are dynamic and fun in many ways. Additionally, the developers use CSS to mix and match colors and other stylistic elements such as font, borders, headers and menu boxes.