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Maxburst is a full-service website design firm that also handles marketing and mobile integration. Websites at Maxburst foreground the user experience and ensure that the graphic interfaces and branding is targeted specifically for current web users. E-commerce integration at Maxburst uses Drupal and integrates with online payment providers like Paypal. With e-commerce integration, Maxburst's clients are able to update prices and even allow customers to select the shipping options that fit their budgets. LAMP, CSS and AJAX are the backend tools that Maxburst's team of developers utilize to bring websites to life. Clients are eventually able to manage their own content through content management systems or make use of Maxburst's web hosting services. In light of the fact that Google processes more than 30,000 searches every second and over 90 percent of online sales are driven by online research, Maxburst uses search engine optimization to drive leads and conversions.