10 Best Web Design Firms February 2014

Here at 10 Best Design, we are committed to helping you connect with our top placed web design firms. Each firm below strives to give you the best possible service, working with 10BD to reach out to you! The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Top Web Development BusinessesForix Web Design

Portland, Oregon

#1 of 10 Best Website Development Businesses of 2014 - Forix Web Design is an award winning, Portland based web design company whose energetic team offers custom website and application development to clients. Forix creates visually appealing, clean layouts that provide impressive first looks into their clients companies. Beyond eye candy, Forix is focused on page response times, and general usefulness. Forix's clients include Adidas, Tedx, Black and Decker. and Suburban Auto Group's Trunk Monkey just to name a few.

#2 of 10 Leading Web Design BusinessesCLiKZY Creative

Washington, DC

#2 of 10 Leading Web Design Agencies of 2014 - For eight years, Clikzy has been serving customers throughout the world with creative design, development and marketing services. With a full-time staff dedicated to serving client needs, Clikzy prides itself on the personalized attention its customers receive. Clikzy's staff can handle projects ranging from start-up to enterprise, and they are proud to provide references from many highly regarded sources and clients from virtually any industry. Clikzy is based in Washington, DC.

#3 of 10 Best Web Development CompaniesThe Creative Momentum

Atlanta, Georgia

#3 of 10 Leading Web Design Businesses of 2014 - As a full-service creative agency in Atlanta, The Creative Momentum provides customers with many different services including web design, branding, marketing and development. The firm boasts an impressive customer list which is displayed on its website, with customers including Webtrak, The Cheyenne Group and Summit Resources. An impressive, modern studio allows The Creative Momentum to work in an environment that is as modern as its services.

#4 of 10 Top Website Development BusinessesBuildrr

Syracuse, New York

#4 of 10 Top Website Design Companies of 2014 - If you are looking for a Web design firm that will not only develop your Web page, but one that will also help build your business, then you need to get in touch with the quality designers at Buildrr. The content and design of your Web page are crucial to your company's success, and Buildrr has the programmers who can bring people to your site, and more importantly can get them to purchase your product. Since their beginnings in 1999, Buildrr has set out to offer creative content that is without equal in a competitive industry. Buildrr has provided on this promise to customers, and they have delivered Web design services to clients across multiple platforms. Buildrr's services will leave you satisfied, and their team will keep you coming back to them for all of your needs. Whether you would like a site analysis or project consultation, visit Buildrr today.

#5 of 10 Best Web Design FirmsCofa Media

San Diego, California

#5 of 10 Best Website Design Agencies of 2014 - Since 2007, Cofa Media has been working to help customers maximize visibility on the internet. Cofa Media is a web design firm that is dedicated to tailoring its services towards client needs. In addition to impressive design and branding services, the firm focuses on providing its clients solutions that are functional and interactive. Cofa Media's approach ensures that customers will get excited about a company. Cofa Media's solutions are simple to use but still sophisticated enough to impress. In addition to web design and branding, Cofa Media specializes in mobile and e-commerce solutions. For customers looking for exceptional support, the firm leases out entire teams for six months or more.

#6 of 10 Best Website Development AgenciesSouthern Web Group

Atlanta, Georgia

#6 of 10 Top Website Design Businesses of 2014 - Southern Web Group is an Atlanta Georgia based web design firm with ten years in the industry. From start to finish, their talented graphics artists and coders plan, design, build, and launch web sites specialized to fit the unique needs of each client. During and after launch, they stick with the client to handle updates and maintenance requests in a timely fashion, while providing ongoing hosting service. At all times, they strive to build a relationship that will see clients into the future and continue to meet their evolving needs. Southern Web Group handles businesses sites used by hospitals, law firms, manufacturing companies, real estate companies, and many more, catering to the multidimensional needs of a variety of institutions and companies. Their team of eleven professional men and women covers every aspect of a project�s needs with the skill provided by a passion for and experience in the industry.

#7 of 10 Top Web Design BusinessesSkuba Design

New Orleans, Louisiana

#7 of 10 Best Website Design Businesses of 2014 - Founded in 2000 by advertising and marketing specialist Trace Hayes, Skuba Design has grown into a small but effective web design company that specializes in integrating the latest technology into contemporary websites. The New Orleans based team has graphic design specialists that focus on the aesthetic features of a website. Experts in photography use their skills to touch up on the front end appearance of professional or personal websites. Multimedia integration such as interactive features and high definition videos are also part of the specialty of Skuba Design. The modern responsive web design at Skuba Design is optimized for the latest devices such as smartphones, tablets as well as traditional desktop computers. Using the latest codes such as CSS3, responsive web design technology displays a single website properly on various browsers and screen resolutions. Mobile app development is also on the list of contemporary website design services of this company.

#8 of 10 Top Web Design BusinessesComrade

Chicago, Illinois

#8 of 10 Leading Web Design Companies of 2014 - Comrade Web Agency is a cutting-edge company ready to help with any technology needs. They have talented designers and developers to create the best products possible. Comrade Web Agency offers a variety of services. These include web design, web branding, development, and mobile application development. Designers and developers work directly with clients to assure that every goal and need is met. The agency is able to create or re-design company logos and create printed products from the design. They are able to offer a creative edge to any product desired. They also offer marketing support to help your company can reach its true potential. The agency can provide support with internet advertising or even magazine advertizing. Comrade Web Agency will provide individualized support so that your company will show up in the first page of "Google results" within the first 2-4 months.

#9 of 10 Best Web Development CompaniesIsadora Design

Manhattan Beach, California

#9 of 10 Leading Web Design Companies of 2014 - First impressions can make or break a business. IsadoraDesign, a company based in Redondo Beach, California, understands how powerful the first micro-seconds can be when a visitor first encounters your website. For this reason, they offer innovative solutions with a variation of styles whether it is a beautiful, clean, traditional design or artistic, edgy design that taps into a higher element of creative imagination. With years of experience and hundreds of clients under their belt, they want to handcraft a quality website that not only looks great, but in the end, converts visitors into customers. They promise to communicate with you every single step of the way to make sure that you have a website that will be both visually appealing and revenue increasing.

#10 of 10 Top Website Design BusinessesDotcomweavers

Paramus, New Jersey

#10 of 10 Best Website Design Agencies of 2014 - If you are looking for a company that can design a website that will capture the attention of customers from the moment they view the site, then Dotcomweavers is the answer. The company begins by talking to the owners of the business to find out what the business is about and what makes it unique. This information is carried over to the design of the website so that customers can visualize what the business offers without reading a lot of text. Dotcomweavers creates sites for new businesses that are making a name and businesses that have been around for years.

Special Recognitions

#11 Top Web Development FirmCynexis

Columbus, Ohio

Cynexis Media is a web design firm that develops custom web design and digital marketing applications to enhance the client�s brand and identity. By combining technological knowledge and creative thinking, they become the bridge between the client�s ideas and business success. The process of developing strategic, creative solutions begins by listening and learning about the client�s business objectives. That information is then used to develop an action plan with measurable goals. Creative designers, UI engineers, and programmers then follow the plan to execute the project for the purpose of successful deployment. Once the program is up and running, Cynexis Media is committed to becoming the client�s web marketing, analytics, and conversion optimization partners. They are committed to grow what they build as positive outcomes from the project results in increased business levels for the client.

#12 Top Website Design CompanyKohactive

Chicago, Illinois

Kohactive is currently being used by thousands of web owners who want to have more professional-looking websites. Kohactive has been around for many years and is dedicated to providing their users with gorgeous designs that are unlike any other that can be found. This is ideal for individuals who would like to add some professionalism to their site without spending a fortune just to get the job done by the professionals. When working with Kohactive, you are going to be able to have a design that is uniquely your own and is professionally created by someone who is knowledgeable about web design. The template that you receive is also going to complement the type of company that you own, ensuring that you are thoroughly happy with what has been created for you. This is why a lot of new website owners are making use of Kohactive and their own online services.

#13 Top Web Development AgencyCadre

Atlanta, Georgia

Based in Atlanta, Cadre takes pride in having some of the most talented onsite web developers in the southeast of the United States. The company has a simple philosophy that involves a four step process that focuses on design, development, marketing and the client. The multi-step approach allows Cadre to implement advanced digital technology for website development. The content development phase involves compiling and editing content and then applying search engine optimization. The design process involves setting up the architecture and wireframing of a website with advanced programming code beyond HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS.) User Experience (UX) testing is applied before any website is complete and ready to be uploaded to the world wide web. Cadre also develops advanced marketing plans with analytic tools for completed websites that have already been launched. Each website can also be marketed with a unique branding strategy that starts with a logo.

#14 Leading Website Development BusinessOptimize

Denville, New Jersey

Any small business owner who wants to expand the business cannot take Web presence for granted. Both brick-and-mortar and online businesses need Web presence to grow in the current market, which is where Optimize comes in handy. The company regards a small business website as the best employee since it operates 24/7. Optimize specializes in designing powerful ecommerce websites and delivering various online marketing solutions. The company works with its clients on a personal basis to help them understand the clients� unique needs and come up with customized solutions. Irrespective of the type of project the company undertakes, it starts by analyzing all aspects of the objectives of the particular business. Considering that 85 percent of consumers search for businesses online, small business owners can only ignore a powerful Web presence at their own peril.

#15 Leading Website Design BusinessProject6

Berkeley, California

If you and your company are looking for a fresh approach to design, then you should consider the San Francisco based design team at Project6. The company has worked with demanding clients like Gap, Geeknet, and the San Francisco Film Society, and they know what type of content works for online users. Their unique designs and development process will help your brand find an unmistakable identity that will set you apart from the competition. Project6 promises you results, and they go out of their way to ensure that your site and content are second to none. Project6 has the experience and the expertise that are needed to make your business truly standout online. With over 13 years of professional experience, Project6 has seen the changes in the Web design industry, and they are committed to staying ahead of the upcoming changes through their innovative and creative approaches to Web design.

#16 Top Web Development AgencyHigh Level Marketing

West Bloomfield, Michigan

High Level Marketing, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan, has been ranked on 10 Best Design for a number of months. This firm performs especially well when it comes to search engine optmized web design. Their web design projects not only look good, but they are properly positioned to rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! If you're looking for a firm which provides great web design services, while maintaining a focus on online marketing as well, be sure to check out High Level Marketing.

#17 Best Website Design AgencyRose City Websites

Portland, Oregon

Rose City Websites offers you with effective design solutions that will not break your company's corporate bank account. The company knows what techniques and tools deliver results for businesses in and around Portland, Oregon, and they go out of their way to ensure that your company is given a product that will meet your online needs. Web design is one of the company's strengths, and they are able to send the right message to your customers with their choice of stunning visual graphics and informative text. A site designed by Rose City Websites is one that will impress your visitors, and it will entice them to visit again. Rose City Websites also provides businesses with ecommerce tools that can jumpstart online sales. The Internet is the storefront of the present and future, and Rose City Websites can get you ahead in the game with their easy to use and manage ecommerce features. Finally, Rose City Websites can bring custom content to your Web site that allows you to gather data on the people who visit your site. Rose City Websites delivers your visitors an impactful user experience that separate your company from others in and around the Portland area.

#18 Best Web Development CompanySourcebits

San Francisco, California

As one of the best overall web design firms, Sourcebits has many multimillion dollar clients that are pleased with Sourcebits' expertise and creativity. Your company may need a clever app to keep customers immersed in your brand or a game to shore up advertising. Whatever your needs are, Sourcebits has the employee creativity to make your software dreams come true. Allow Sourcebits to develop an app based on your company's culture. Whether you sell appliances or chocolate, apps can be designed for fun or informational purposes. For example, Sourcebits can devise an app that helps users troubleshoot their toaster or refrigerator. It links directly to your website, allowing you to benefit from a part sale or entire appliance purchase. Sourcebits prides itself on understanding the customer's needs and marketing strategy. Working together, apps and games, and even cloud development, is a seamless process that only adds to your profit margin.

#19 Leading Web Design CompanyHudson Integrated

Saddle Brook, New Jersey

You will see nothing but blue skies over the horizon when you turn to the lauded Web developers at Hudson Horizons for all of your Web content needs. The company is recognized as an industry leader, and Hudson Horizons gives you an honest effort when you choose them as a Web developer. From Web design to logo development, the company has the experience and skills that are needed to develop a user-friendly Web page. Hudson Horizons' pages are bright and vivid, and their pages are easy to navigate. While other Web developers may promise you great content, they actually deliver on this promise each and every page design. Hudson Horizons is passionate about Web content development, and can help your company take off with a coordinated and well-executed marketing plan that focuses on social media and other exciting platforms. For a quality site, Hudson Horizons is a top pick.

#20 Leading Web Development BusinessGlide Interactive

Sarasota, Florida

If you are looking for increased traffic on your Web page in order to boost your sales, revenues, and profits, then you need to look no further than the Web content experts at Glide Interactive. Whether you are in the market for custom Web development, graphic design, or online marketing tools, their team of experts can maximize the return on your investment. A Web page designed by Glade Interactive is one that stands out, and it keeps people on your site for longer. With a solid mix of interactive and traditional printed content, Glide Interactive can get your company's message out to more people than ever before. Glade Interactive can also design beautiful graphics for your page that will leave you thoroughly impressed with their work. The company's graphic designers are some of the most talented in the industry, and Glide Interactive has developed content for top companies throughout the country. The company is also a market leader when it comes to search engine optimization, and can get your site noticed by all of the top search engines on the Internet. When you need quality content and you need it fast, turn to Glade Interactive each and every time out.

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