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Kohactive (http://www.kohactive.com) is a creative digital firm that's based in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2008, this web design agency is made up of a selection of talented innovators and technology experts who are passionate about making interactive products. At Kohactive, mobile and web applications are the primary specialty. Kohactive works with businesses of all sizes, whether massive Fortune 500 corporations or newly established companies. They focus on providing their clients with reliable mobile and Internet answers and methods. The web design company was founded by John Koht, who presently works as the interactive director. The Kohactive team is also made up of creative, technological, front end development, business development and graphic design talents. Some of Kohactive's clients include Cypress Cay, Tourpedo, Active Tools, Harris Flotebote, MK Films, Airman, Gaming Partners International and Groupon Works. If you wish to learn more about Kohactive's services, you can call the company. You can also send them a message using their website form.