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Web design is an ever-evolving field, and the best companies stay on top of what's happening in the industry. Firms from all over the world were considered for honors, and each of the winning companies displayed innovation a multitude of aspects in design and technological innovation and customer service. The companies evaluated for the awards were judged by criteria that related to their range of services, creativity, and ability to transcend trends and become leaders in their sector, using a specially-designed algorithm to measure their effectiveness in each category of performance. The number four best web-design business is the Atlanta-based firm The Creative Moment, with an overall score of 98.31 percent. This company is a full-range Internet marketing company that provides website and UI design, SEO, and video media creation services that are cutting-edge and unique. They pride themselves on providing companies in the local area and throughout the United States with the direction and momentum necessary to stay competitive in their respective fields. Their goal is to help transform each client's dream vision into a success story. The Creative Moment focuses on making their process a true team effort between themselves and their clients. The process is simple, yet effective. They begin with a meet to discuss their client's vision for the future of their business. This is where the client and design team will really get to know each other, setting goals and crafting the brand and marketing strategies to make the client's business really stand out from the crowd. The production team then goes to work to outline a plan that aligns the vision with a workable strategy for achieving those goals. Once the plan is in place, the development team turns it into a viable, visual concept, refining and fine-tuning every aspect to give the project the needed momentum. After the testing phase and client approval, a launch and promotion are carefully planned to provide maximum impact.