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Since 2005, the company known as CLiKZY Creative has worked with countless clients and created over 250 website designs, launches, and different branding projects. They work with many types of companies ranging from industrial to non-profit, restaurant, government and more. With a goal of ensuring that the sites they help to create achieve the maximum results based on the desires of the individual client, they have quickly risen in the ranks to become one of the most renowned and leading developers in their field, as well as in their home area of Washington, DC. They also offer a helpful tip every month in order to give people information on how to best create and develop sites. CLiKZY follows a complex process that allows them to create professional grade sites. The first step of this process is to discover all of the possible information about the company or business that they are going to be working with. This means that they work closely with their clients to ensure that every detail is uncovered. Following this, they develop a questionnaire to help the design team figure out the best direction in which the site will go in order to get all necessary components ready. The site map is created to help CLiKZY understand where the clients are looking at online, what sites they visit, and the goals, objectives, and keywords that will be needed for site creation. After this process is completed, CLiKZY involves the client in a kick-off phone call to tie up any loose ends and get the ball rolling on the project. This is when content for the home page starts development, as well as the wire frame and main parts of the sites. The many other steps involved help to create the perfect web site for the client in question without sacrificing quality or content, and is one of the reasons that CLiKZY is a major player in the industry.