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Since 2000, Skuba Design Studio in New Orleans has carefully developed an expert team of designers and developers with unsurpassed and unmatched Web design skills to provide extraordinary custom digital design solutions. Skuba Design Studio's digital strategists are real-world professionals dedicated to their craft who believe it is never right to pass off projects to third party firms in this country or overseas. Their creative team is also college-educated talent and 100 percent hands-on -- refusing to settle for anything but the best. Together they are experts in graphic design, motion graphics, website creation, video interaction, Web and mobile app development, branding, re-branding, marketing research, social media marketing and content development. Their process with clients is straightforward and uncomplicated, which is why it works so well. They help explore and discover a client's needs, develop and design a solution, test that the solution works as desired and then deliver it as promised. At the end of the day, Skuba Design Studio is not merely a Web design firm working for a client on a project, but a creative force who partners with the client to bring him to the forefront of whatever digital Web design goals he endeavors to accomplish.