10 Best Web App Development Firms December 2015

Professional Web design firms boast the latest skills in coding and scripting in order to launch functional and attractive domains on the Internet. The Top Web App Development Company is an entity that employs skilled experts in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Javascript and many other types of programming languages that define the core of great websites. Additionally, applications for the Web are developed with the help of other standards such as XML and Ajax. Companies that make applications for mobile and desktop platforms typically provide free updates on popular marketplaces such as Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Best Web Application Development FirmsKohactive

Chicago, Illinois

#1 of 10 Top Web Application Development Firms of 2015 - Kohactive is a web application development firm that is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company is located at 800 West Huron Street, Suite 3E Chicago, IL 60642. You can call 312.970.9491 for more information or to hire their services. The firm can also be reached via the web by emailing [email protected] Kohactive provides Chicago area businesses with web development, mobile app development, customer applications, e-commerce, strategy development, prototypes and minimum viable products services. Innovative tools and programs are used to construct web pages such as Redis, Jquery, Shopify, WordPress and PHP. Kohactive designs websites that are responsive based on the the device the visitor to the page is using.

#2 of 10 Best Web Application Development FirmsHuemor Designs

Long Island, New York

#2 of 10 Best Web App Development Firms of 2015 - Huemor creates memorable digital experiences. In doing so, they work hard to tear down all roadblocks to business expansion. When serving their valued clients, they say they are “not interested in taking someone from a 5 to a 6.” This web development firm will not settle for anything less than helping a company operate at their best. To accomplish this, they take time to learn as much as possible about businesses before designing their sites. Huemor also adds personality to a website as they create it. This includes developing practical mobile applications and responsive web pages.

#3 of 10 Best Web App DevelopersInflexion Interactive

Hoboken, New Jersey

#3 of 10 Top Web App Development Firms of 2015 - Inflexion Interactive builds dynamic and versatile websites by using the latest technology that is considered to be open source in nature. For example, this NJ-based company relies on Microsoft ASP.NET to lay out the framework for applications that could make a given domain name dynamic by all means. This type of technology evolves frequently, so the programmers at Inflexion Interactive make sure that they keep up with any new upgrades that become available. PHP is also a type of script that is used by this firm to optimize Web applications that are often linked to some sort of external database.

#4 of 10 Top Web App DevelopersIcreon

New York, New York

#4 of 10 Top Web Application Development Firms of 2015 - Mobile Apps have to do quite a few things to become stand-outs. The most important is functionality that is responsive and agile. The second is a display this is clear and translates on all devices. Icreon has been excelling in both areas with a host of application mainframes including iOS, HTML5, Android, Windows, and Objective C. This broad experience puts the client’s vision in a package that does more with data management, security, consumer access and employee portability. Solutions are crafted in a five-stage process to ensure each aspect is streamlined and efficient. Targeting the device of choice for the present and room for future growth are the starting point. From there, the talent develops niche specifics that tie it all together. The proven track record for this firm incorporates metrics to explain how to enhance the consumer-facing experience. Expect them to offer solutions with innovative features that set trends.

#5 of 10 Top Web App DevelopersCurotec

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#5 of 10 Top Web App Development Firms of 2015 - Over the years, Curotec and their entire staff have worked hard to provide quality content for all of their clients. To date, they have worked with over 500 different companies to help enahnce their online presence, and they have completely over 1,200 different projects. It does not matter if a company is another agency, an enterprise, or a startup company. Curotec makes sure to work hard specifically for them to get them the best results possible. Currently, the five services that they have to offer for their clients to choose from are web design, WordPress, web hosting, web apps, and mobile apps.

#6 of 10 Top Web App Development FirmsMojo Tech

Boulder, Colorado

#6 of 10 Top Web App Development Companies of 2015 - Over the years, Mojo Tech has worked hard over the years to become the best at what they do, and currently, they are considered to be the best web app development firm in the industry. Some of the products that Mojo Tech are able to build for their clients are web applications, geospatial services, software as a service business, winning products, wearable applications and mobile applications. The actual services that they provide their clients are design, engineering, team augmentation, DevOps, and product management. They use software like Angular, Backbone & Marionette, iOS & Android, and Rub on Rails.

#7 of 10 Top Web App Development FirmsPosse

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Top Web Application Development Firms of 2015 - Posse builds mobile and desktop applications in a New York City studio. This Web design firm has an in-house staff with tremendous experience in HTML, PHP and many other programming languages that define the framework of apps for mobile and desktop operating systems. In order to make solid apps, this agency carefully follows news that are published about major telecommunication corporations that provide wireless services. Posse tries to make apps that are going to work well with certain wireless plans that are offered nationwide. The focus is to minimize the loading time and file size of apps for smartphones and tablets with 4G connections.

#8 of 10 Top Web App DevelopersSwarm

New York, New York

#8 of 10 Best Web App Development Firms of 2015 - Swarm is a website application development firm that is based out of New York City, New York. The company is known as one of the best development firms. Swarm builds apps for Android, Windows 10, and Apple. The company also builds wearable apps, including Android Wear and Apple Watch. Swarm has been recognized by National Geographic Channel, People, Flake, and Pixable. Their apps have also been featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, Entrepreneur, Slate, Mashable, and Apple Insider.

#9 of 10 Best Web App Development FirmsNeon Roots

Los Angeles, California

#9 of 10 Top Web App Development Firms of 2015 - Businesses that are looking to lead their industry turn to Neon Roots for award-winning app design. Today's top apps help shape the way that society functions, and Neon Roots has a great track record when it comes to app design. Whether you are looking to launch your company's first app or you just want to revamp an outdated one, turn to Neon Roots for all of your mobile needs. Their team of designers and programmers understand what people are looking for in an app, and they can help you spread your brand's message in ways that will help your business.

#10 of 10 Best Web App Development FirmsCaxy

Chicago, Illinois

#10 of 10 Top Web App Development Companies of 2015 - Caxy is a web app development firm that are also open-source specialists and custom web developers. The unique and talented team from Caxy are experts in content strategy, custom web application, e-commerce and database development. Each professional from Caxy bring their own distinctive mental superpower and talents. Caxy is a web consulting company that stand by the products they design and develop for their clients. They also offer their clients hands-on support plans for anything they create.

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