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Last Updated January 26, 2021

The leading Washington web design business is one that is able to produce gorgeous websites for clients from all different industries within a set timeframe and budget. You can rest assured that you will walk away with a website your business can be proud of by choosing one of the top-quality web design firms on this list. We rated these firms based on their past performance, client satisfaction levels, experience in the field, depth of talent among staff members and industry reputation. Give any one of these web design firms a shot if you want a website that is creative and interactive. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best DC Web Development Firms of 2021
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Lounge Lizard loungelizard.com New York City $$$$ 99% 50-250

Chief agencychief.com Washington $$$$$ 96% 50-250

Interactive Strategies interactivestrategies.com Washington $$$$ 95% 10-50

KTD Creative ktdcreative.com Washington $$$$ 95% 1-10

Blue Water Media bwm.com Washington $$$$ 92% 50-250
6 Materiell materiell.com Arlington $$$$ 92% 10-50
7 Viget viget.com Falls Church $$$$$ 91% 50-250
8 Dupont Creative dupontcreative.com Washington $$$$$ 90% 10-50
9 Alliance Interactive allianceinteractive.com Washington $$$$ 87% 10-50
10 Minima Designs minimadesigns.com Washington $$$$ 85% 1-10

#1 of 10 Top Washington DC Web Design AgenciesLounge Lizard

41 East 11th Street, #11th Floor, New York City, New York 10003 - +1 (646) 661-7828

#1 of 10 Best Washington DC Web Design Firms of 2021 - The Lounge Lizard offers IT services for clients in some of the hottest markets in the United States of America, including the New York metropolitan area and Los Angeles. The web design solutions that are offered by this growing firm include plenty of technologies that contain open source licenses. For instance, Lounge Lizard loves to install WordPress packages on websites that are operated by bloggers and other people who want to express their views on diverse topics. This company also offers powerful e-commerce solutions to American merchants who want to minimize common operating expenses, such as annual fees on hosting and database updates.

#2 of 10 Best DC Website Development FirmsChief

Washington, DC - +1 (202) 791-0200

#2 of 10 Best Washington Web Design Companies of 2021 - You need a solid website if you are to expand and grow your company. If your site is sluggish and poorly designed, then you should have it upgraded. The reinvention of your website can make a big difference. It can lead to more traffic, which in turn can lead to more business and revenue. You want a website that incorporates the most advanced graphics and digital technology. Your website should also be easily accessible from mobile devices of all kinds. Chief is a web design firm that can work with your team to develop a world-class site for your company.

#3 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design FirmsInteractive Strategies

Washington, DC - +1 (202) 223-8656

#3 of 10 Top Washington Website Design Companies of 2021 - Interactive Strategies has a solid reputation for creating stunning websites for their clients. This is one of the main reasons why Interactive Strategies continues to win big web design awards for their talents. Interactive Strategies works with start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, and large brands. They don't believe in using pre-made templates for their projects. Interactive Strategies create websites from scratch. This is what separates them from their competition. Interactive Strategies is the best web design firm for anyone who would like to have an impressive website for their brand. It's also important to note that their customer service team is spectacular.

#4 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design CompaniesKTD Creative

Washington, D.C. - +1 (202) 330-2758

#4 of 10 Best Washington DC Web Development Businesses of 2021 - KTD Creative is a web design firm based in Washington, DC. The firm uses a large amount of digital technology when crafting websites so that each detail is precise. The colors that are used are rich and full of life, and there are numerous text options that are available so that each website stands out and is as personal for each client as possible. When the firm works with clients, a design team gathers information to craft a website that meets the needs and desires of the business before the final product is released.

#5 of 10 Best Washington Web Development CompaniesBlue Water Media

Washington, DC - +1 (877) 861-2583

#5 of 10 Top Washington DC Website Design Firms of 2021 - You cannot succeed in business without a first-rate website. You must also ensure that your site is continually upgraded and that it incorporates the latest advancements in design and engineering. You want a site that makes it easy for prospective customers to find what they are looking for. Your site should also be interactive enough to allow viewers to submit questions to customer service representatives online. To get this kind of quality, you must hire experienced design professionals. Blue Water Media is a web design firm that can provide you with the solutions you need to develop a world-class website.

#6 of 10 Best DC Website Design FirmsMateriell

Arlington, Virginia - +1 (703) 243-9207

#6 of 10 Best DC Website Design Companies of 2021 - Materiell is one of the best web design forms available online today. Choosing a firm that has your interests in mind is a smart choice from the start. Materiell makes sure your website is working well from start to finish and everywhere in-between. They offer WordPress managed hosting, White Clove WordPress website management, support, and maintenance, and web development services. They will soon be offering CloudUI, which is a full-featured SaaS platform that allows you to manage your WordPress sites on Google Cloud. When you are in need of the best web design on the market, you won’t go wrong with this stand-out company.

#7 of 10 Best DC Web Design CompaniesViget

Falls Church, Virginia - +1 (703) 891-0670

#7 of 10 Best Washington Website Design Firms of 2021 - Since 1999, Viget's professional team of designers, engineers, and strategists has delivered first-class services and a vision that delivers real-time results. Viget understands the challenges that can potentially set your company back. The product team has the tools to make your system more functional and efficient. The products at Viget are created to fit the client's business needs. Regardless of how audacious the problem or unsolvable the idea, the team at Viget will work to find the most effective solution. Allow Viget to find clear, strong, and scalable ideas to improve your product and create a compelling digital experience.

#8 of 10 Top Washington DC Web Design AgenciesDupont Creative

Washington, D.C. - +1 (202) 554-2200

#8 of 10 Best Washington DC Website Development Businesses of 2021 - Dupont Creative is a web design firm located in the capital of the United States. That means it's well-situated to serve the diverse needs of governmental organizations and embassies from around the world. In fact, Dupont Creative has had a hand in creating websites for all sorts of major U.S. agencies. In a positive sign for the company, its many clients are largely satisfied with its work. This company focuses on delivering simple yet beautiful websites, and it does that with ease.

#9 of 10 Best DC Website Development AgenciesAlliance Interactive

Washington, D.C. - +1 (120) 235-09020

#9 of 10 Top Washington DC Web Development Agencies of 2021 - Alliance Interactive is a top-drawer web design firm. They strive to create memorable websites for their clients that offer their visitors an outstanding experience that will create trust with their company or brand. Since 2004, this firm has helped companies and organizations from all fields develop sites that rank higher, get more leads and reach their objectives. They can help their clients design a brand-new site or revamp their current one to make it and them more relevant.

#10 of 10 Best Washington DC Website Development BusinessesMinima Designs

Washington, DC

#10 of 10 Best Washington Website Development Firms of 2021 - Minima Design is an online web design firm owned by Michelle Martello who has over 20 years of experience in the field. This agency provides a different perspective to its clients. Instead of designing websites, Martello coaches her clients on how to create productive and successful websites themselves. Minima Designs offers several different products that help customers achieve their goals. Martello offers strategic consulting for business owners and web designers, strategic consulting and a minima Partnership for custom design, design, development, strategy and execution. Customers can also choose from single and packaged online sessions to help jumpstart their business goals.

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