10 Best Web Design Firms Toronto

Last Updated August 01, 2019

It takes a strong commitment to customer service, an impressive portfolio and a talented staff of web design experts to earn the title of the top Toronto web design company. We have put the time and effort into ranking the below companies so that you can be sure you are working with the best options on your next web design project. Trust any of the companies on this list to help your Toronto business improve its SEO rankings, attract new customers and enhance its overall digital presence. You will not be disappointed with the professionalism and efficiency of these firms. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best Toronto Web Design Firms of 2019
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

A Nerd's World anerdsworld.com Toronto $$$$ 98% 1-10

Pixelcarve Inc. pixelcarve.com Toronto $$$$$ 96% 10-50

Jam3 jam3.com Toronto $$$$ 96% 10-50
4 iMedia Designs imediadesigns.ca Toronto $$$$ 95% 50-250
5 ZopMedia zopmedia.com Toronto $$$ 94% 10-50
6 Thinkbound thinkbound.com Toronto $$$$ 92% 10-50
7 Walden waldendesign.com Toronto $$$ 91% 1-10
8 Shift8 Web shift8web.ca Toronto $$$$ 90% 10-50
9 Globalgraphics globalgraphicswebdesign.com Toronto $$$ 86% 10-50
10 STEALTH stealthmedia.com Toronto $$$$ 85% 10-50

#1 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development CompaniesA Nerd's World

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (647) 726-2020

#1 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development Firms of 2019 - With a name that speaks truth to the 21st century, A Nerd's World has become Toronto's leading contributor of amazing web design. Be prepared to witness what happens when you harness the power of 33 nerds on your behalf! You haven’t experienced the potential of real web design until you’ve tried the services of A Nerd's World! This highly esteemed team takes pride and joy in delivering good-looking digital products to the masses. Three locations in Toronto simply weren't enough, so they have a new headquarters in Ontario as well. This veritable virtual ensemble is the most capable programming team in Canada!

#2 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development CompaniesPixelcarve Inc.

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (416) 987-4935

#2 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development Agencies of 2019 - Pixelcarve Inc. is a popular web design company that has been in business for more than 20 years now. Pixelcarve Inc. has worked with companies like The One Toronto, BelloSound, SX2, RIA, Muskoka, Beard Winter, 1451 Wellington, and many other clients as well. Pixelcarve Inc. is located in Toronto, ON; however, the company works with clients throughout the nation. Pixelcarve Inc. allows their clients to reach them through their website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. vPixelcarve Inc. also provides free quotes for their services on their website. Pixelcarve Inc. has a blog on their website that is open to the public.

#3 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development FirmsJam3

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (416) 531-5263

#3 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development Companies of 2019 - Best web design firm, Jam3, builds modern websites for forward-thinking brands. They begin by understanding the client's brand and their business goals. This allows Jam3 to take a strategic approach to website design. Canadian-based Jam3 grew rapidly from a small agency to one employing over 50 individuals. They impress clients with the extra effort they put into every project. The web design firm can take a client's idea and turn it into a cutting-edge digital reality.

#4 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development FirmsiMedia Designs

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (416) 901-6025

#4 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development Agencies of 2019 - IMedia Designs is a firm that focuses on delivering quality content to businesses of all sizes so that they can reach more customers. A goal of the designs that are created is to increase the revenue for businesses in order to grow and expand. The design team works with each business to develop a relationship in order to place content on each page that will attract the attention of viewers while clearly displaying the services that are offered.

#5 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development BusinessesZopMedia

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (188) 887-94994

#5 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development Companies of 2019 - When it comes to websites, consumers and businesses desire slightly different qualities. Consumers want a website that provides value to themselves and works properly. On the other hand, businesses want a website that helps improve their operations and bottom line. ZopMedia understands how to create websites that cater to all of these angles. ZopMedia builds hundreds of websites each year, and all of them meet a high standard of quality. Fortunately, the web design firm strives to create a unique website with each product. Clients will receive a beautiful, functional website that they'll be proud to send potential customers to at all times.

#6 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development FirmsThinkbound

40 Wynford Dr, #103, Toronto, Ontario 0 - +1 (800) 564-7483

#6 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development Businesses of 2019 - To tackle any set of web design challenges, wise brands think outside the box by bringing in Thinkbound. Their visionary eye for solutions will unlock the secret to your company's virtual prosperity. This extraordinary Ontario organization delivers spectacular results around the clock for their clients. As a local Canadian sensation, Thinkbound has been gradually rising towards the international stage. Businesses of all backgrounds can benefit from the brilliance of this tactful programming team. In-depth online marketing campaigns can be set into motion with their innate understanding of the internet's framework. Some of their top clients include The Fox Fiddle and Condo Chicks!

#7 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development BusinessesWalden

432 Queen St East, Toronto, Ontario 0 - +1 (416) 924-6131

#7 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development Agencies of 2019 - Walden is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario that offers a full range of web design and development services. These services include the following: Domains and Hosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Graphic Design Strategy Photography and Videos The company has completed projects for a wide variety of organizations. These organizations include: Hogtown Restoration Think Mental Health CET Path Dora Process Consulting Tomas Pinoy Kitchen The Herbal Brewer

#8 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development CompaniesShift8 Web

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (866) 932-9083

#8 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development Agencies of 2019 - Shift8 Web reigns supreme as Toronto's leading name in advanced digital development. These experts just do web design differently, and the remarkable results show why they pursue such an original approach. No one else harnesses technology in such a targeted fashion, and this intrinsic precision provides the perfect degree of catering for highly specific demographics. In the end, this is more than just a web design team; instead, they are progenitors of something else entirely new. Their extremely comprehensive skill-set lends itself to far-reaching endeavors and lengthy initiatives. This organization emphasizes the cumulative value of extended partnerships and long-term collaborations!

#9 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development FirmsGlobalgraphics

2 Bloor St East, #3500, Toronto, Ontario 0 - +1 (416) 256-7800

#9 of 10 Top Toronto Web Development Firms of 2019 - Globalgraphics is a web design agency in Toronto that provides clients with many different web design services, which include custom-designed websites as well as simplistic websites that are created from a WordPress theme. Each website that they craft can be viewed perfectly on tablet and mobile devices. During the design process, they can place images on the website by using Shutterstock. Their extensive design process includes seven phases from the initial consultation to the final launch of the website in question. All of their designs have a stylish and modern appearance to them that's designed to entice new site visitors.

#10 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development CompaniesSTEALTH

Toronto, Ontario - +1 (306) 978-9018

#10 of 10 Best Toronto Web Development Firms of 2019 - Stealth is a first-rate web design firm that knows what needs to be done to help a client's company boost their credibility, continually get leads and establish a business or product that will be unforgettable with online visitors. Their main focus is on providing their clients with exceptional web design services, using innovative strategies and breathtaking designs to build custom websites for them that will meet and most likely surpass their expectations and raise their revenue.

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