10 Best Packaging Design Firms

Last Updated June 01, 2019

If your company plans to produce any type of consumer product, you probably need to create a package for it. This complex process involves many different goals. You need a design that catches the customer's eye while providing sufficient information and accurately reflecting the style of your product. It must also follow rules established by retailers, shipping services and government agencies. A professional designer can help you develop an appealing package that meets all of these requirements. Fortunately, our handy top 10 list makes it easy to find the best packaging design agency for your business. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best Packaging Design Businesses of 2019
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Ruckus Marketing ruckusmarketing.com New York $$$$$ 99% 10-50

Legnd legnd.com Houston $$$$ 99% 10-50

Pulp+Wire pulpandwire.com Portland $$$ 94% 1-10
4 Arhue arhue.com San Francisco $$$$ 94% 10-50
5 Murmur Creative murmurcreative.com Portland $$$$ 92% 10-50
6 Mucca mucca.com New York City $$$$$ 92% 10-50
7 La Visual lavisual.com Los Angeles $$$ 91% 10-50
8 DEI Creative deicreative.com Seattle $$$$ 87% 10-50
9 Turner Duckworth turnerduckworth.com London $$$$$ 86% 50-250
10 Field of Study Design fieldofstudy.design Houston $$$$ 85% 1-10

#1 of 10 Top Packaging Design BusinessesRuckus Marketing

240 W 37th St, #11th Floor, New York, NY 10018 - +1 (646) 564-3880

#1 of 10 Top Packaging Design Agencies of 2019 - Ruckus Marketing is a marketing and media firm that specializes in package designs. Ruckus Marketing is based out of New York City and loves working with big name brands and global influencers to help make a brand more noticeable in the market. What the agency does is hold media marketing campaigns to speak with bloggers, authors and analysts to help get the word out and then build on that with a professional look and website in order to attract the most attention. The agency has been mentioned by outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, SNL, ABC and the Business Insider.

#2 of 10 Top Packaging Design AgenciesLegnd

10777 Westheimer Rd, #1100, Houston, Texas 77042 - +1 (713) 257-8050

#2 of 10 Top Packaging Design Firms of 2019 - Shouldn't your company's packaging be legendary. With Legnd internet marketing your product will look as impressive as it is. Part of the appeal for any product is the packaging it comes in the experts at Legnd focus on clean design and simple palettes to ensure an enjoyable aesthetic no matter the audience. Hard work is what sets this determined team to succeed time and time again. If the act of receiving your product is an experience of joy, then shouldn't opening it feel like opening a gift? If your product is something special, then choose Legnd for your Packaging Design Firm needs.

#3 of 10 Best Packaging Design CompaniesPulp+Wire

Portland, Maine - +1 (207) 773-4700

#3 of 10 Best Packaging Design Companies of 2019 - Pulp+Wire is a firm that is pointed towards passion in every respect of the word. They are a package design company, which means that the people who become employed at their company are the people who have undergone years of art school just to get to the point where they might be able to find themselves a job with some amount of creative freedom. In Pulp+Wire's package design, they take that creative energy and mix it with practicality; that is the intention of their packaging design, and it is something that they have so far lived up to. It would seem as though they are on the way to change the packaging design industry.

#4 of 10 Best Packaging Design BusinessesArhue

500 Sansome St, #600, San Francisco, California 94111 - +1 (415) 921-9237

#4 of 10 Best Packaging Design Firms of 2019 - Arhue describes themselves as a world-class digital agency, working with companies as prevalent as Google, Benefit, and the Marriott. Established just six years ago, Arhue uses motivation driven by inspiration to design brand-growing media and related web content. The brand's headquarters are located in San Francisco, and they've grown from being a small boutique of web designers to a globally-recognized firm. Their web-based quoting tool gives potential consumers the ability to receive an estimate of which package and pricing system will work best for their specific business needs. This design firm may be relatively new, but their revolutionary impact cannot be second-guessed.

#5 of 10 Top Packaging Design BusinessesMurmur Creative

Portland, Oregon - +1 (971) 254-8662

#5 of 10 Best Packaging Design Companies of 2019 - Murmur Creative wants companies to feel like they are valuable by designing packaging that is attractive to viewers. When the firm meets with clients, designers gather the details that need to be presented that showcase what viewers need to know about products and services provided. Terms are used that are easy to understand with images and colors that showcase the story of the client's business. Each package that is designed is unique for each client so that no two are alike.

#6 of 10 Best Packaging Design AgenciesMucca

New York City, New York - +1 (212) 965-9821

#6 of 10 Best Packaging Design Companies of 2019 - Did you know that certain products only do as well as they do in sales because they have amazing packaging? It may seem a bit ridiculous, but this is actually the case. Consumers are often drawn into the idea of buying something because they have seen how the packaging looks. That is why you need a packaging design firm like Mucca to help you come up with some great ideas for your own product designs. They have worked on products of all kinds, and you can bet that they will have some great ideas for your product as well. Give them a call and see if they can help you today.

#7 of 10 Best Packaging Design BusinessesLa Visual

Los Angeles, California - +1 (323) 988-7252

#7 of 10 Best Packaging Design Agencies of 2019 - If you sell products of any sort, then you likely have a need for packaging. Instead of just packing your products in plain old boxes that really do nothing to enhance the professionalism of your operation, do the opposite. Use La Visual as your design firm. They are the best packaging design firm because they know how to make your products shine as they are being shipped. Not only will you have boxes that are designed specifically for each product, but the marketing potential will be evident as well. This is a great way to promote your business to all who see the box.

#8 of 10 Best Packaging Design CompaniesDEI Creative

Seattle, Washington - +1 (206) 281-4004

#8 of 10 Best Packaging Design Businesses of 2019 - With so many package design ideas out there, you need a company like DEI Creative to help out. DEI Creative has been in the business of package design for over a decade and continually work to improve their services to their many customers. If you want to know more about this company known as DEI Creative and what they can do for you, check them out on social media and see why a lot of individuals have switched over to using the services they've made available. You can feel confident in what DEI Creative does for all of their customers.

#9 of 10 Best Packaging Design CompaniesTurner Duckworth

London, UK - +1 (415) 675-7777

#9 of 10 Best Packaging Design Agencies of 2019 - All goods, whether they're sold in supermarkets or other in-person settings or on the World Wide Web, are usually packaged in some container. Usually made of plastic, paper, or a combination of the two, these packages persuade consumers to buy, convince them of the quality of the product they purchased, and take care of a litany of other beneficial changes. Turner Duckworth knows how important designing the right packaging is, as well as securing the best manufacturers to pump out such packaging. Turner Duckworth, the best packaging design firm, has worked for Amazon, Subway, Burger King, and other equally big-name interests.

#10 of 10 Top Packaging Design AgenciesField of Study Design

Houston, Texas - +1 (281) 888-7704

#10 of 10 Best Packaging Design Firms of 2019 - The Field of Study Design is an amazing packaging design firm. The Field of Study Design is known for the awesome work that they have done throughout the years for their clients. The Field of Study Design specializes in helping packaging companies grow their businesses. The Field of Study Design works with companies of all statuses. The Field of Study Design’s goal is to help their clients strive to achieve their goals. The Field of Study Design has a LinkedIn , Facebook, and Instagram account. The Field of Study Design also gives free quotes to their prospective clients online.

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