10 Best Web Design Firms Orlando

Last Updated March 06, 2023

Top Orlando Web Design Firms of 2023
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Big Drop Inc bigdropinc.com New York $$$$ 97% 50-250

BIGEYE bigeyeagency.com Orlando $$$$ 97% 10-50

Laughing Samurai laughingsamurai.com Orlando $$$$$ 96% 10-50

Highforge highforge.com Orlando $$$$ 96% 10-50

Depeche Code orlandowebdesign.company Orlando 94%
6 CREATE180 Design create180design.com Orlando $$$$ 92% 1-10
7 MAVEN CREATIVE mavencreative.com Orlando 91%
8 Studio 5 Agency studio5agency.com Orlando $$$$ 89% 1-10
9 Pherona pherona.com Orlando 89%
10 WHOISCARRUS whoiscarrus.com Orlando $$$$ 89% 1-10

#1 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design FirmsBig Drop Inc

111 John St, #1509, New York, New York 10038 - +1 (212) 577-1143

#1 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Firms of 2023 - Big Drop Inc is a design and development firm based in New York. Since 2012, the firm has gained a respected reputation in the industry for providing bespoke digital solutions for brands of all sizes. Big Drop Inc has grown their team to include 50 employees and are trusted by well-known companies like Samsung, Saks Fifth Avenue and Top Rank to create digital experiences that have proven customer satisfaction.

#2 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design FirmsBIGEYE

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 839-8599

#2 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design Companies of 2023 - BIGEYE is an advertising agency that specializes in creating innovative and strategic campaigns, offering services from branding and digital strategy to content marketing and print design. It offers clients a comprehensive portfolio of services and is committed to delivering the highest quality of results, leveraging its expertise in search engine optimization and social media marketing for full-service capabilities.

#3 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design BusinessesLaughing Samurai

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 982-4350

#3 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Businesses of 2023 - Laughing Samurai is a digital consultancy based in Orlando, specialized in helping businesses understand their customers and creating digital experiences. Their process involves understanding the client's challenges, creating solutions to eliminate them, and leveraging the company's strengths in UX/UI design, ecommerce development, analytics and SEO to create an experience that peforms. Some of their clients include Amazon, Microsoft and OpenHouse Insurance. Contact Laughing Samurai at (407) 982-4350 to learn more.

#4 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design AgenciesHighforge

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 483-1185

#4 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design Companies of 2023 - Highforge is a digital marketing and development collective that has been helping successful businesses grow their brands online since 2001. They offer services such as digital strategy consulting, website development and migrations, SEO, Google Advertising, and Social Media and Ad Management, and are committed to providing discounts and pro-bono work to those with a positive social and environmental impact. With their knowledgeable team of 10 workers, a variety of industry-leading platform capabilities, and a successful track record of clients including Ronald McDonald House and Stetson University, Highforge can be a valuable asset to any business’s digital presence.

#5 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design AgenciesDepeche Code

Orlando, Florida

#5 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Businesses of 2023 - Depeche Code is a top-rated web development and digital creative agency based in Orlando, Florida offering services such as website design, logo design, SEO, and social media marketing. Their team is committed to providing businesses with high-quality services that are easy and transparent. With just two employees, they assure an affordable price with projects meeting customers' expectations.

#6 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design FirmsCREATE180 Design

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 968-1792

#6 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Agencies of 2023 - CREATE180 Design is an award-winning creative agency providing advertising, branding, digital strategy, and search engine optimization services to help businesses of all sizes and industries to boost their brand visibility. With experienced industry-focused creatives and an innovative approach, they have been able to help customers achieve successful levels of growth.

#7 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design FirmsMAVEN CREATIVE

Orlando, Florida

#7 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Firms of 2023 - MAVEN CREATIVE is a creative agency based in Orlando, Florida that focuses on providing advertising, branding, custom software development, UX/UI design, and video production services to their clients. The team is committed to making an impactful creative output on every project and investing in relationships across the community.

#8 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design FirmsStudio 5 Agency

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 720-4677

#8 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Companies of 2023 -

#9 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design BusinessesPherona

Orlando, Florida

#9 of 10 Best Orlando Web Design Companies of 2023 - Pherona is a professional website design and development agency located in Orlando, founded in 2000. They specialize in providing custom designs for websites, landing pages, mini-sites, logos, and banner ads at an affordable rate. Their commitment to clients is supported by their staff’s emphasized ethical proficiency and expertise in the unique creative market. To ensure success, they offer a variety of services such as e-commerce development, mobile app development, web design, and search engine optimization.

#10 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design CompaniesWHOISCARRUS

Orlando, Florida - +1 (407) 477-2528

#10 of 10 Top Orlando Web Design Companies of 2023 - WHOISCARRUS is a Creative Advertising Agency headquartered in Orlando that provides exceptional services with a low overhead cost. Founded in 2004 and with only two full-time employees, they specialize in Advertising, Web Design, Branding, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing and UX/UI Design, while servicing clients in the Enterprise, Midmarket and Small Business industries such as Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Entertainment & Music, Hospitality & Leisure, Media and Telecommunications.

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