Top Indianapolis Web Design Companies

Last Updated July 01, 2019

Indianapolis has many excellent web designers and developers. We have read through many reviews and ranked the agencies based on their ability to exceed in both dev and communication. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best Indianapolis Web Development Businesses of 2019
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

SpinWeb Indianapolis $$$$ 97% 10-50

CODO Design Indianapolis $$$$ 97% 1-10

SmallBox Indianapolis $$$$ 94% 1-10
4 Site Strategics Indianapolis $$$$ 91% 10-50
5 Blue Group Solutions Indianapolis $$$ 90% 10-50
6 NEXTFLY Web Design Indianapolis $$$ 89% 10-50
7 Roundpeg Indianapolis $$$$ 88% 1-10
8 Effect Web Agency Indianapolis $$$ 87% 10-50
9 StrataBlue Indianapolis $$$$ 86% 1-10

#1 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design AgenciesSpinWeb

8500 Keystone Crossing, #420, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 - +1 (317) 324-1100

#1 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design Firms of 2019 - SpinWeb is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and is one of the leading web design firms around because it always prioritizes helping its clients improve their bottom lines. When clients are looking to create a consistent and reliable sales pipeline, they turn to SpinWeb for their superior web design services. The talented team of web design professionals at SpinWeb has experience working in a variety of industries and can tailor their web designs to the specific needs of each client. They pride themselves on always delivering top-quality customer service no matter the size or scope of the web design project.

#2 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design CompaniesCODO Design

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 403-3173

#2 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Firms of 2019 - CODO Design is a web design and brand development firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their main area of expertise is in the food and beverage industry, wherein they primarily perform design work for bars, breweries, restaurants, and food artisans. The CODO Design client base is substantial, with nearly 50 craft breweries, award-winning restaurants, e-commerce firms, and nationally recognized food artisans. They also have a published book, the Craft Brew Branding Guide, that helps craft breweries define their company vision and public image. Some of the services they offer include overall branding advice, package design, website design, and environmental design.

#3 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design FirmsSmallBox

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 254-0932

#3 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Agencies of 2019 - SmallBox is the name of a web design firm that caters to business goers. SmallBox is a group that has roots in the field of technology, namely digital media and web design and believes that a properly run website with high quality design is crucial for standing out in the modern era. Web design involves simply improving on the layout of a website, making it look good so that customers will be attracted to it, since first impressions are everything. Along with this, there is also ensuring that it works because no one will do business on a dysfunctional website.

#4 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design FirmsSite Strategics

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 662-2152

#4 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design Agencies of 2019 - Site Strategics is a well-known web design firm in Indianapolis, IN. Site Strategics prides themselves on being a company that supplies their clients with strategic growth through their online marketing services. Site Strategics specializes in content writing, website accessibility, ADA compliance, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, video content, audio content, and persuasive web design. Site Strategics provides their clients with modern marketing services that have been proven to generate more income. Site Strategics has a digital marketing blog on the website that is open to the public. If you’d like to work with Site Strategics, please visit their website.

#5 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design AgenciesBlue Group Solutions

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 728-9159

#5 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Agencies of 2019 - Blue Group Solutions is a web design and web development firm that began in 2012. Currently, Blue Group Solutions has offices in both Santa Cruz and Indianapolis. This company only employees experienced professionals, so clients will know that each web project is in expert hands. The experts at Blue Group Solutions can create a custom website to the client's specifications. Each website is search engine optimized, responsive and aesthetically pleasing. Blue Group Solutions wants each client to be 100 percent satisfied with the website that is designed.

#6 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design AgenciesNEXTFLY Web Design

9850 Westpoint Dr., #650, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

#6 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Agencies of 2019 - Based in Indianapolis, NEXTFLY possesses extensive experience creating websites and content for digital marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. The firm has worked in this highly competitive field for over seventeen years, designing more than 1,000 commercial websites for its clients. It serves a variety of businesses and organizations, including service businesses and retail outlets. NEXTFLY offers technical support utilizing Magento, JOOMLA, and WordPress platforms. It offers PHP and MySQL coding assistance. The company also provides web hosting services. One of the company's specialties appeals to clients seeking to capitalize websites: NEXTFLY frequently helps customers develop online stores!

#7 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design BusinessesRoundpeg

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 569-1396

#7 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design Companies of 2019 - Roundpeg is the organization to communicate with if you're serious about obtaining remarkable digital marketing services. The professionals of Roundpeg know that there are many strategies that can and should be deployed to make online advertising an effective venture, and they use all of them with skill and speed. One of the primary techniques deployed by the Roundpeg professionals to generate online growth for clients is web design and development. The web optimization techniques deployed by the Roundpeg community can include anything from responsive web design to content creation. The techies of the team also implement conversion optimization techniques to ensure that the client's website can generate substantive sales. Choose Roundpeg for the win!

#8 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design AgenciesEffect Web Agency

151 N Delaware, #125, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 - +1 (574) 533-3800

#8 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Firms of 2019 - Effect Web Agency in Indiana builds beautiful, SEO-friendly websites. Clear navigation, fast load times. mobile-friendliness and ADA accessibility ensure all users have an excellent experience. Effect also builds conversion-optimized e-commerce websites with promotional pages and shopping carts. Effect Web Agency is one of the few places in Indiana offering three levels of accessibility, including compliance with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and levels AA and AAA. The web design agency also offers SEO, digital marketing and AdWords management services.

#9 of 10 Top Indianapolis Web Design CompaniesStrataBlue

Indianapolis, Indiana - +1 (317) 207-0195

#9 of 10 Best Indianapolis Web Design Firms of 2019 - Clients of StrataBlue can expect to access tools for explosive growth. This outfit's core capacities include digital strategy, marketing automation, social marketing and creativity. StrataBlue's people are experienced in a range of disciplines. Their experience lets them meet brands' complex needs and makes them a sought-after, award-winning agency. This team's clients span many market sectors, and they include First Internet Bank, Crown Liquors, The Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment and New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology. Decision makers should expect to be impressed with StrataBlue's online portfolio.

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