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Last Updated August 02, 2020

Public relations is about more than press releases and damage control. Quality in public relations is actually about branding. Your brand is how consumers identify your company. Therefore, your brand needs to be distinctive and definitive. Consumers should know at a single glance what your company is really all about. As you can imagine, this kind of successful branding is not easy. That is why you should look into the leading brand PR company. These companies do more than the average public relations firm. Instead, these companies seek to build a comprehensive brand through a variety of innovative marketing techniques. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top Brand PR Companies of 2020
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Prophet San Francisco $$$$ 98% 250+

Ink House Boston $$$$ 94% 250+

Awe Collective Phoenix $$$$$ 93% 10-50
4 Top Hat IMC Millvale $$$ 92% 10-50
5 Relevance New York City $$$$$ 92% 10-50
6 CM Communications Boston $$$ 92% 10-50
7 Kaplow New York $$$$$ 91% 250+
8 Neff Associates Philadelphia $$$$ 89% 10-50
9 Makovsky New York $$$$ 88% 50-250
10 Thrive Melbourne $$$$ 85% 10-50

#1 of 10 Top Brand PR BusinessesProphet

San Francisco, California - +1 (415) 363-0004

#1 of 10 Best Brand PR Agencies of 2020 - Is your brand lacking in diversity? Don't let it flop because of something like that. Prophet is an agency that focuses on implementing diversity and equity into campaigns whenever it services clients. Prophet's team is made up of a group of professionals who are creatively inspired by the act of unblocking stunted growth through brand activation, marketing and sales methods, organization, culture, experience, and innovation. The combination of these things along with strategic planning for advertisement ensures a sturdy foundation for growth. Prophet operates globally and has offices, clients, and success around the world. Are you ready for the next steps? Take them with Prophet.

#2 of 10 Best Brand PR FirmsInk House

Boston, Massachusetts - +1 (415) 299-6600

#2 of 10 Top Brand PR Businesses of 2020 - Inkhouse is comprised of a group of creative thinkers, leaders, and innovators. The team's mission is to use the power of storytelling to portray your business's message and encourage others to take part in your mission. Together, the team integrates PR, media content, and the essence of digital marketing to create your design and assist you in achieving your business goals. Instead of acquiring temporary buyers, Ink House wants to ensure your business is a lifelong favorite for repeat and new customers alike. Ink House's team's creativity extends beyond just traditional media campaigns. This team can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and value.

#3 of 10 Best Brand PR BusinessesAwe Collective

1215 W Rio Salado Pkwy, #101, Phoenix, Arizona 85281 - +1 (480) 275-8888

#3 of 10 Best Brand PR Businesses of 2020 - Awe Collective is a public relations, branding, digital marketing, content creation, website designer and developer, and a film and photo media curator based in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, area; the firm works for some of the hottest businesses in the Phoenix area right now and has for some time, including Mora Italian, Scoopwell's Dough Bar, TriCore, Downtown Tempe, Territory Dispensary, Someburros, Overstreet, and Central Christian Church. Awe Collective is arguably most widely known for its regular mention in year-end awards for exemplary businesses in the Phoenix area, including winning the #1 Best Place to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal.

#4 of 10 Top Brand PR AgenciesTop Hat IMC

223 North Ave, Millvale, Pennsylvania 15209

#4 of 10 Top Brand PR Companies of 2020 - Brands that need top level public relations wisely pick Top Hat IMC. With offices in Pittsburgh and St. Pete, Top Hat performs branding, research, web and strategy services. It is also expert as execution. These driven folks' past work has been for Iron City Beer, Turner's Dairy, Leaf Shave and other growing brands. A substantial selection of work samples lives on Top Hat IMC's impressive website, where anyone interested can also purchase Top Hat apparel, including pitched designs that clients rejected. That's confidence!

#5 of 10 Best Brand PR FirmsRelevance

151 W 30th St, #9, New York City, New York 10001 - +1 (212) 257-1500

#5 of 10 Best Brand PR Agencies of 2020 - Relevance is a multi-national, full-service, brand-building and public relations agency. The agency offers customized packages to an array of clients. Packages range from reputation and public relationship managment services coupled with digital search engine optimization services to the RISE package which includes brand and creative development as well as public relations and digital marketing. The Global Enhancement Package leverages Revelance's multi-national partnerships by providing an integrated, global campaign for individuals and brands. The firm also partners with influencers for social media packages and provides a Crisis Managment Package that includes crisis communication and digital marketing.

#6 of 10 Best Brand PR BusinessesCM Communications

20 Park Plaza, #1000, Boston, Massachusetts 2116 - +1 (617) 536-3400

#6 of 10 Top Brand PR Firms of 2020 - Lori Moretti, the principal agency expert and senior marketing counsel at CM Communications, is often touted as one of the highest-skilled employees at CM Communications of Boston, Massachusetts; thanks to her involvement, CM Communications has reeled in more than a dozen awards for its branding, public relations, and brand PR services in just the past three years. CM Communications isn't a high-volume public relations or reputation management outfit, its executives choosing to keep its list of clients small to focus on the New England region's most unique, neediest businesses, something this boutique hybrid brand PR firm has mastered.

#7 of 10 Top Brand PR CompaniesKaplow

19 W 44th St, #601, New York, New York 10036 - +1 (212) 221-1713

#7 of 10 Best Brand PR Firms of 2020 - Brands need public relations services for a lot of reasons. When a new product or service is about to launch, the company will need to let people in their target audience know about it. Public relations campaigns are also needed when critical information needs to get out to the public, such as when a store is opening a new location or a retailer is hosting a special community event. One of the 10 best performers in PR services in the USA is Kaplow. This firm earned the award for the 10 best PR companies because of its fast response time.

#8 of 10 Top Brand PR CompaniesNeff Associates

13 S. 3rd St., #4, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 - +1 (215) 987-5500

#8 of 10 Top Brand PR Firms of 2020 - Neff Associates is one of the best brand PR agencies working today. The team at Neff understands that brands are all about communicating a story to the consumer. They help companies identify what story they want to tell, and then communicate it across a number of platforms. Working with Neff is designed to be as frictionless as possible. For example, they have an in-house photography studio. Neff Associates is able to handle all phases of any PR project.

#9 of 10 Top Brand PR CompaniesMakovsky

New York, NY - +1 (212) 508-9600

#9 of 10 Best Brand PR Companies of 2020 - Makovsky is an award winning communications and marketing agency that has been mastering the craft of the digital advertisement for the last 40 years. The agency first delved into the industry with "specialized thinking" as its foundation. At Makovsky, some of the core practices include understanding and truly gaining a deep knowledge of each client's goals through services like public relations, strategy, thought leadership, brand positioning, social media, and much more. The Makovsky agency has a marketing approach that is simply unique and executed by a team of thoroughly trained industry experts who specialize in a number of intriguing industry related fields.

#10 of 10 Top Brand PR FirmsThrive

16/663 Victoria St, Melbourne, Australia 0 - +61 (3) 942-59111

#10 of 10 Best Brand PR Businesses of 2020 - Thrive PR has become a top branding and PR agency in Australia. They focus on bringing New Zealand and Australian businesses into the digital sphere by including branding and unique ways of disrupting the industry. With offices in Auckland, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, they help established businesses push the boundaries of their industry. They believe it is important to bring the top talent, resources, and technology to their clients while also providing high standards and an entrepreneurial spirit to their clients. Thrive PR was created by Leilani Abels in 2000. Abels was able to create a company that attracted the top local and global brands through innovation and strong branding expertise.

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