10 Best iPad App Design Firms August 2016

Top iPad App Development Company More companies than ever before are starting to take advantage of the benefits offered by mobile apps. However, with so many iPad app design firms from which to choose, companies often have a hard time locating one that best meets their needs so that they can get the best service at an affordable price. Luckily, the hard part of screening various design firms has already been done. This top-10 iPad app development company list results from a lot of research and hard work to locate the best design firms currently available. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Best iPad App Development CompaniesSwarm

New York, New York

#1 of 10 Best iPad App Development Firms of 2016 - Swarm has an understanding of what people want in the digital age. Each app that is designed meets the desires and needs of the client while being easy for customers to use. REsarch is conducted before any kind of app is created so that the firm has a better understanding of the target audience. The proper design should tell a story while expresses the values and beliefs of the client through the app that is created.

#2 of 10 Leading iPad App Development BusinessesOslo Solutions

Oslo, Norway

#2 of 10 Best iPad App Development Businesses of 2016 - Oslo Solutions is a premier IT solutions provider, helping companies utilize technology to meet their individual business goals. They do this through strategic planning, project implementation, and business process consulting. Oslo Solutions can build and integrate the right technology solution for each unique business need. They also offer technology training to IT professionals to help them take their careers to the next level. Oslo Solutions is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies, as well as other reputable small and medium-sized companies across numerous industries. Their exceptional technology services have gained themselves loyalty among their many clients across the globe.

#3 of 10 Leading iPad App Development BusinessesDogtown Media

Los Angeles, California

#3 of 10 Leading iPad App Development Businesses of 2016 - Dogtown Media works as a business who guides clientele through the process of developing apps for mobile phones. The professional team at Dogtown Media values customers passion and uses it to fuel the app while lending support with industrial experience. First, professionals work with customers to provide guidance through finalizing the idea process. After defining all features, Dogtown Media dives into UI/UX design. This process is followed by development and then the final launch. Together, Dogtown Media helps customers solve real-world problems using their new formed app.

#4 of 10 Top iPad App Development FirmsArcTouch

San Francisco, California

#4 of 10 Leading iPad App Development Agencies of 2016 - The founders of ArcTouch, Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman, started working together long before there were smart phones and app stores. Starting as college roommates and continuing as colleagues at Apple, they resolved to be part of the new app creating opportunities that came with the introduction of the iPhone. ArcTouch immediately acquired prestigious clients like Merck and Honeywell when they officially launched in 2009. Since then, they have become a team of more than 100 talented strategists, designers and engineers whose success comes from understanding the connection between people and business. They honor the commitment that people make when installing an app on their device.

#5 of 10 Top iPad App Development BusinessesRocksauce Studio

Austin, Texas

#5 of 10 Leading iPad App Development Companies of 2016 - Rocksauce Studios creates mobile apps, but they do so much more, too. They believe in creating something wonderful every time. They partner with clients to build the right app for their project and goals. They feel that every project is the opportunity to create a unique story. They work to create apps for wearable devices, iOS phones and Android phones. Services also include responsive web design. Visit their website to read case studies and get started on a project.

#6 of 10 Best iPad App Development FirmsSFCD

New York City, New York

#6 of 10 Leading iPad App Development Businesses of 2016 - Designing apps for the iPad is surely made easy when a company is located close to the global HQ of Apple. SFCD is a Web design agency that can brag about its excellent location in relation to the leading IT giants that are based in Silicon Valley, CA. This firm launches versatile apps that can withstand the changes in Apple's iOS platform over the years. It is important for the apps to be updated routinely to fix some glitches that can lead to crashes in software and hardware of the iPad. The updates to the iPad apps are automatically made available via the iTunes store.

#7 of 10 Best iPad App Development AgenciesGroove Development

Beaverton, Oregon

#7 of 10 Best iPad App Development Companies of 2016 - The failure to understand a project or the idea behind it could carry detrimental circumstances for all parties involved. Thankfully, the Android and iPhone app development agency, Groove Development, understands that fact and refuses to begin a project without understanding the concept, the business, and the overall needs of the client. The efficiency behind their apps is satisfactory to all types of users, while the scalability of the technology makes it ideal to use in all practical aspects of life. A team of experts who know every portion of the industry results in fast response times that few clients can resist.

#8 of 10 Leading iPad App Development BusinessesSaritasa

Newport Beach, California

#8 of 10 Leading iPad App Development Agencies of 2016 - Going above and beyond is an excellent mentality to adopt. Saritasa, an iPad app design firm, understands that exceeding the expectations of their clients sets them apart from their competition, and allows them to continually use their powerful technical skills. Their desire to have companies succeed by using their technology allows them to combine their passion for the industry with their real-life goals and interests. Big-names validate the reputation of the company, including Sony, Yamaha, and Disney, while their general talent is placed in every aspect of their digital products--ultimately contributing to the efficiency of the technology.

#9 of 10 Leading iPad App Development FirmsCab Forward

Austin, Texas

#9 of 10 Top iPad App Development Businesses of 2016 - Honesty is always the best policy and CabForward, the website and app development agency based in Texas, embodies this policy and translates it into the way that they handle their business. Their understanding that this is not a simple industry allows them to provide clients with feedback pertaining to their ideas. Essentially, if it is doable, CabForward is all about executing the task flawlessly, but concepts that might prove difficult offer the company a chance to collaborate with clients in order to design something more attainable. A fervent emphasis is placed on the company's teamwork, while an appreciation for their clients is shown through all of their projects.

#10 of 10 Best iPad App Development BusinessesSynapticats

Portland, Oregon

#10 of 10 Top iPad App Development Businesses of 2016 - Synapticats is a top agency that specializes in providing high quality app development and has more than two decades of experience with Apple products. Synapticats is skilled in all of the technical aspects of app design and has creative graphic designers able to create intuitive interfaces. The apps designed by Synapticats are all focused on the end user experience, which is why its clients are able to maximize their return on investment and get more conversions. This firm commits to testing and evaluating all of its app designs well beyond the initial launch to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

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