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Best Responsive Web Development Company: Upstatement

Upstatement is a Boston, Massachussets-based company that handles a variety of sites for local outlets, both large and small. From developing the Boston Globe's responsive web design to creating small apps for its community, Upstatement tackles a variety of interesting projects. Their work particularly stands out in the world of web development as great examples of how responsive, robust, and flexible modern web design can be. This is why they've recently received 10 Best Design's 2nd-best Responsive Web Design Firm award.

Upstatement's Background

Upstatement was founded in 2008, a product of talented designers working for Syracuse University's school newspaper. Seeking to expand their talents beyond just one newspaper, the team founded Upstatement. Since, they've received a variety of contracts. Whether working in their preferred field (media) or otherwise, Upstatement takes on all challenges with the same level of passion, enthusiasm, and skill that got them here in the first place.

Examples of Work

Upstatement has done web design for everyone from the Boston Globe to SalesForce.com. Their hallmark is innovation in the field of responsive design. Responsive design looks at the specific device a user wants to browse a site with, whether that be a tablet, desktop, or mobile device, and tailors the site to it. This is done without needing multiple versions of the same site. It's an efficient design technique that makes a lot of sense in the modern age.

Why Upstatement Won The #2 Best Responsive Web Design Firm Award

One of the best things a web developer can do is make its sites accessible. Everyone should be able to comfortably access and read a site, regardless of who they are, or what device they're viewing it from. This is where Upstatement's work really stands out. Building sites that look roughly the same on any device, accommodate small screens, and provide an intuitive interface for users is the future of web design, and Upstatement looks poised to take on this challenge going forward.

Upstatement, overall, provides an exciting, fresh look at responsive web design. The company to this end looks poised to take on web development going forward; their future is equally bright.

Upstatement's Recent Work

Upstatement's Responsive Web Design for Mobile Site
Upstatement: Mobile Responsive

More information about Upstatement: Mobile Responsive coming soon...

Upstatement's Responsive Web Design for Tablet Site
Upstatement: Tablet Responsive

More information about Upstatement: Tablet Responsive coming soon...

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