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Best Responsive Web Development Company: Kohactive

The Kohactive website is clear about what the company does: they build and design iPhone apps and responsive websites. The official websites quickly introduces the team created and led by John Koht in 2008. Since then, five other designers and developers have joined the team. They company is active on social media, which you would expect from a bunch that makes money by creating apps that connect tech-savvy users with companies big and small.

This Chicago-based company has a 5-step process, starting with discovery and ending with development, that allows clients to fully express their needs and what their brand stands for. From back-end to design, the folks at Kohactive do it all. Content management systems and eCommerce websites are some of the company's specialties. Kohactive strives to create solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of their clients and consumers/readers at large. Kohactive uses a combination of technology including Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP, so apps and sites that the company develops work beautifully on the newest browsers and devices.

Examples of Kohactive's work include Camp Groupon. Kohactive powered the Camp Groupon website with kohCMS, the firm's own content management system. Designs from this company scale gracefully from tablet to smartphone to desktop computer. Camp Groupon is an example of the type of demanding back-end that Kohactive excels at. The Web app needed to handle registrations, itineraries and check-ins from thousands of users while blending with Groupon support. John's team at Kohactive worked hard to express the ideals of the event and brand, and the company received high praise for its efforts from Groupon's senior manager.

Kohactive has recently won the third place Best Responsive Web Design Firm award from 10 Best Design. This award recognizes the company's drive to create a single website that scales and remains usable on a variety of devices and screens. 10 Best Design praised the company's 5-step process to creating apps and websites that clients will love and that users will appreciate. Kohactive beat out dozens of other Web design firms in September to achieve the number-three position on this list.

Kohactive's Recent Work

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More information about Kohactive: Tablet Responsive coming soon...

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