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Parallax web design is a modern web design technique which has actually been around for a relatively long time. Parallax has been prevalent in a wide variety of other applications such as video game development. Today, advanced web designers are using parallax to create a three dimensional feel in an otherwise two dimensional medium.



Brooklyn, New York

Get a delicate mix of style and richness from Madwell. The company creates parallax methods that are easy to use by customers who visit your site. From food websites to social media pages, Madwell has planned designs that stand out from the rest in their forefront pictures and easy scrolling. Madwell provides spectacular modern design which has landed them as the #1 best parallax web design firm


#1 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms

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Tyumen, Russia

Forbi is a graphic design company that creates innovative and creative websites. Their parallax scrolling expertise is unparalleled, creating visual effects that cause the sites to "pop off the page." With a team of expert graphic designers behind them, Forbi is dedicated to creating visually pleasing effects and website designs that bring the internet into the twenty-first century. Forbi has been a top parallax design firm 2 months straight.


#2 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms

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Rex Studio

Flint, Michigan

Rex Studio is a graphic and web design company that offers innovative designs that combine responsive web design and parallax scrolling for a unique viewing experience. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, Rex Studio's websites have a 3D effect that allows the viewer to go 'in depth.' From their fascinating graphics to their visual interest, Rex Studio's graphics are creative and unique.


#3 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms

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Web Design Firm Name
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#4 Best Web Design Firm




Visit Canvas Canvas

Canvas is a graphic and web design company that creates unique and innovative content. Their websites utilize parallax scrolling for a three-dimensional effect, bringing their content into the twenty-first century. Their designs are both visually appealing and practical, bringing easy navigation and beautiful work into one site. Each website is a work of art in and of itself.


#4 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013

New York
New York
#5 Best Web Design Firm
Vertex Web Studios is a Tennessee-based design firm that placed in the 5th position in this years list of "10 Best" in a variety of Internet design applications. Vertex Web Studios offers design services that are customized to their clients' exact specifications and flexible enough to remain on the cutting-edge long after the competition has become obsolete. They focus on creating highly functional, responsive business solutions that span a variety of design services.


#5 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013

#6 Best Web Design Firm
Artversion is a graphic and web design company that's dedicated to bringing unique and visually pleasing websites to the table. Their expertise in parallax scrolling allows their websites and graphics to have a three-dimensional effect, letting the viewer look into the web. For a sleek and modern look, Artversion creates both clean and easily accessible sites that will improve the look of any business.


#6 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013

#7 Best Web Design Firm




Visit DeepBlue DeepBlue

DeepBlue is a web design and development company that pays specific attention to the aesthetics of their designs. They're dedicated to giving the best customer service and ensuring satisfaction. With their innovative use of parallax scrolling, DeepBlue gives websites a deep and modern look, bringing the internet into the twenty-first century. For any business looking to expand and find a modern design, DeepBlue has the expert team available to help.


#7 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013


Laguna Niguel
#8 Best Web Design Firm
Byte Technology is a premium website development company that specializes in parallax scrolling. Their parallax scrolling graphics and designs allow them to give a sleek and modern look to any website. With an expert team of designers and marketers, Byte Technology is a company that knows the ins and outs of online business. Their designs are guaranteed to increase traffic flow and appreciation of any company.


#8 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013


#9 Best Web Design Firm
Firecat Studio specializes in developing user experiences that help a business thrive. With a combination of graphics design and marketing expertise, Firecat Studio brings unique websites to the table. They're experts in parallax scrolling, a technique that adds a modern look to any website and is certain to bring in traffic. With their vast amount of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, Firecat Studio is an excellent investment for any company.


#9 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013

San Antonio
#10 Best Web Design Firm
Zen Den Web Design was ranked the number ten best parallax design firm in an objective analysis of the top innovators in web technology for the year 2013. Their work in the field of computer graphics design and development has earned them respect among their peers and clients alike. This firm, headquartered in San Francisco, applies a standard of excellence that carries over into all of their services, including the development of eCommerce platforms, SEO, content creation, and CMS systems.


#10 of 10 Best Parallax Web Design Firms of 2013

San Francisco

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