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Founded in 2006 by Rohit Singal, the company Sourcebits has built up a reputation for creativity and excellence over the past seven years. This design and development firm has successfully produced hundreds of mobile, web and cloud solutions for a range of platforms. The company has attracted a number of high-profile clients over the years. Clients include major names in food such as Hershey's, Coca-Cola and Proctor & Gamble as well as a number of up-and-coming technology companies. The company is well-known for several of its projects. One thing Sourcebits is noted for is its development of the popular dating app Twine, which tells users to "never miss an interesting stranger." The company also played a role in redesigning Google Glass, which is essentially a wearable, hands-free computer. While the company calls 211 Sutter Street in San Francisco home, it also has offices in Bangalore, New York, Detroit and the United Kingdom.

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