10 Best New Web Design Firms June 2014

NOTE: The Best "New" Web Design Firms are not brand new companies. Many have been in business for years. The Best New Web Design Firms are the best firms which have been newly added to the 10 Best Design website!

In an effort to continually add amazing companies to our rankings and reviews, 10 Best Design actively searches for web design agencies to be included in our publication. As a result, we have developed this category for the Best Newly Web Design Firms, which recognizes great companies who have only just made it onto 10BD. These firms stand out for amazing websites and high standards for client work.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Huge Inc
#1 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Huge Inc

New York, New York

#1 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - Huge Inc., founded in 1999, is a digital agency that specializes in marketing, design, and has provided services for multiple companies, including some on the Fortune 100 list. It has been a completely digital company since their start. They strive to focus on providing useful service for appropriate target audiences and groups. As technology changes, the company works to provide for a companies updated needs and demands. It was named the fastest growing marketing agency in 2009 by Advertising Age.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Akta
#2 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms


Chicago, Illinois

#2 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - The sophistication of Chicago is integrated into Akta's website development services. The work by this company is based on an advanced user experience that guarantees to leave a lasting impression. In depth research is done on the target audience of a client. Based on the findings from sources such as search engines, Akta implements a custom design strategy for a website. Front end development is quickly completed and polished up with some aesthetic features such as colorful graphics and professional layouts. Branding services by Akta increase a website's presence on the internet with social media integration and search engine optimization.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: MODassic Marketing
#3 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

MODassic Marketing

Richardson, Texas

#3 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - MODassic Marketing is a full service marketing agency based in Dallas, TX, that provides responsive web design, logo creation, market research and can help build brand identity. They have vast experience in the modern marketing world and are well known for their expertise in responsive web design and wordpress development. They are a HubSpot agency partner and a Google AdWords certified agency. MODassic Marketing is also the winner of the 2013 Google Engage All-stars competition.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Culture Pilots
#4 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Culture Pilots

Houston, Texas

#4 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - The creations of Culture Pilot are inspired by the local sophisticated setting of Houston, Texas. A high tech theme is applied to the development project of custom websites. Concepts of pop culture are also burrowed when creating web pages that are optimized for the visual satisfaction of users. A pleasant user interface is created with high quality graphics and smooth layouts that are easy to navigate. Additionally, the layouts are designed for seamless transition between web pages and links on the sites developed by Culture Pilot. Customized graphics are also synthesized to create a website that is easy to remember.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Creative Soda
#5 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Creative Soda

Los Angeles, California

#5 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - We are a leading web designer who specializes in responsive web design. We know that many - if not most - of the visitors to your site are on their mobile sites. So, to gain more sales, you want your site to look and function the same way for them. We also specialize in web design. If your business is ready to grow, we can help with making your site look more credible and professional. Web consulting is yet another area of expertise for our firm. We can find a web solution to any of your small business problems.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Clearcode
#6 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms


Wrocław, Poland

#6 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - Clearcode is a mobile and web application developer that helps companies and individuals succeed in their projects with a combination of expert design and analytics that track every stage of success. The designers at Clearcode are one of the top web design firms out there because they know this business. They offer excellent customer and technical support, support the most advanced technology and track each and every project from beginning to finish. Clearcode is able to offer all of these things because of their vast experience in web application development and design. It's one reason they're now a top 10 firm.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Happy Cog
#7 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Happy Cog

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#7 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - After almost 20 years in business, Happy Cog is dedicated to helping their customers create meaningful websites that are effective sales tools. They are dedicated to learning the needs of their clients and ensuring that their designs are catered to that particular client’s need. Their experience helps their customers get websites and mobile apps that are designed to attract customers and provide real information and help. They are an industry standard that offers other firms the chance to share information through their publications and events. Their years of experience and honest approach to creating content shows through on past project and serve as an example of what they can do for new clients.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Red Rattler Creative
#8 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Red Rattler Creative

San Antonio, Texas

#8 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - Red Rattler Creative is a web design and internet marketing firm that specializes in providing clients with a wide range of services to help them accomplish their professional objectives. To ensure that clients are effective in marketing their unique goods and services, we put together customized websites that are highly functional to optimize the user's experience. Additionally, we'll make strategic use of graphic design elements such as font, color, image, and text to ensure that the site is also aesthetically appealing. Once your site is designed and developed, we'll employ a variety of proven SEO strategies to ensure that the pages attain top ranking in the search engine results pages. Some of the SEO techniques we'll employ to accomplish this objective include content creation, keyword analysis, internal/external linking, and more. When used synergistically, our strategies will help your business experience the perpetual growth it needs in order to expand its customer base and continually increase conversion rates.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Fluid
#9 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms


San Francisco, California

#9 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - Fluid (www.fluid.com) has been creating commerce-related software and enhancing online shopping experiences for over fifteen years. With a dedication to the "amazing," Fluid has sought to relate to customers and drive results in the form of revenue. The company seeks to make buyers out of shoppers and to increase the conversion rates of their customers' websites through an emphasis on strategy, web design, and internet technology. Fluid's ecommerce flagships span a wide range of products, from luxury fashion apparel to pet supplies.

 New Web Design Firm Logo: Pixel Productions
#10 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms

Pixel Productions

Medford, Oregon

#10 of 10 Best New Web Design Firms of 2014 - Pixel Productions is a web design company that specializes in providing clients with high quality services that will help them expand their online presence. Some of the primary services offered include web design and development, internet marketing, and branding. At Pixel Productions, we realize that creating a distinct and memorable image for a company's goods and services is the key to catching the attention of prospective clients. With this idea in mind, we make strategic use of icons, text, and other graphic design elements to distinguish the goods of our clients from those offered by competitors. We then incorporate our unique and proven branding strategies into the websites we design for our clients. We also offer a plethora of SEO marketing strategies such as content creation, internal/external links, and more. Used synergistically, our web design strategies help us put together highly functional and aesthetically appealing websites that help our clients earn the strong online presence they want.

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